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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Stud-Craft, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Does anyone know a good plugin that I can use to set a cooldown for /fix all and /tnt
    I tried booscooldown but it had all this weird stuff that I don't want like the waitinf for commands to warmup and stuff my config looked like this so if in anyone knows what I did wrong or knows a good easy to use plugin for cooldowns just comment below.
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    Well, you could remove the permissions for those commands entirely and then use something like ServerSigns where they can click on the sign to get temporary access to it and have a cooldown on the sign itself.

    Example to use /fix for $500 which can only be used once every 24 hours:
    /svs add /fix
    /svs grant add whatever.permnode.fix
    /svs setpermission everyone
    /svs setcooldown 86400
    /svs setprice 500
    /svs confirmation Are you sure you want to spend $500 for this?
    To let people use this sign, you also need to attach "serversigns.use.everyone" to your default group (which matches the "/svs setpermission everyone" command)
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    Well It is for a certain rank and then if I did that then everyone would have access to that.
    Thanks for the idea though,
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    Wrong, you can setup a rank permission just like the "everyone" permission.

    If your rank is called noobs, add the following permission node to the noobs rank (does not have to be named this way but being constant helps) - serversigns.use.noobs

    When you setup the sign, you use "/svs setpermission noobs" and then only the noob ranks can use that sign.

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