Good and most important; Easy java guide? :)

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Rallerbabz, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Hey guys..

    It'd be so awesome to make some or just trying to make a plugin :p
    But I dont know anything about java - really - nothing!....Is it possible for me to learn it anyway? - If - does anyone have a good/easy guide for me - step-by-step ;)

    Best Regarsd;
    Rallerbabz ;)
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    Do you have any programming knowledge at all?
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    Not really - I've tried HTML and CSS abit...I'm runnin a server so I know how to set configs up and all that stuff but I guess it've nothing to do with this :) :p
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    HTML and CSS are not programming languages in that sense, they're languages for defining data structure and styles, respectively. They won't help you very much, but the good news is this: Java isn't all that hard. Plenty of programming courses use it as an introductory language, and I'm sure there are plenty of books that assume no prior programming knowledge.
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    It's a start! :D
    I my self had VB.Net experience, but you don't need that. Try Java, How To Program, 2004 for a starters guide (thats what I used).
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    Definitely recommend watching the Programming Methodology lectures on YouTube, they're straight from Stanford university and the lecturer is great. It's all about Java, and doesn't require any previous programming knowledge. Free, too :)
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    So you want a guide to English poetry, but you hardly know basic english and you never even wrote poetry...

    Anyway Google is your friend and I saw this on a friends computer
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