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    Plugin category: PvP, Combat

    Suggested name: GoldHit

    What I want: I would like a plugin that when you hit a player they drop gold. (Not on death). Next, I don't want it every hit, like I want a 20% chance as default. (Can you make it editable in a config). Also, in the config can you make it so I can change the item ID of when a player gets hit (20% chance to drop as default) they drop the item thats in the config. My next request is, when you hit a player and they drop the iems, can you make it a cool effect like a spill out effect or something? Next, when it does drop the item, can you make the message this: &eYou hit a player and got &aGold&e! Make sure you get it all! (Make this in a config file, thanks, so I can edit it anytime I would like)

    Ideas for commands: /goldhit reload

    Ideas for permissions: goldhit.hit - This is default for everyone, without this no one can hit and drop items.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    I'll make this right now.
    Sorry for the longer wait, I was rendering an animation in C4D which was making my IDE lag a lot.

    Anyways. here is the download link!
    Players require the permission node: "GoldHit.receive" for it to work.

    Config looks like this:
    Enable: true
    Random-Percentage: 20
    Item-To-Drop: 266
    Cool-Effect: true
    Message: '&eYou hit {PLAYER} and got &aGold&e!'
    Have fun!
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    Thanks alot :D

    @Arrays Could you make it throw the items up in the air instead please? Like for a player when you look staight up and start dropping items, could you make it like that please? Thanks!

    [EDIT]: Can you make it in the config I can control how much is dropped?

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Arrays Please use a different package then "Main", use me.arrays.<pluginname> instead
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    Also @Arrays, There's a problem with WorldGuard, in regions that have pvp deny they can still hit each other for gold, can you disable this please?
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    Yeah, sure. I'm changing the names of the packages + adding some more features.

    You can just disable the "Cool-Effect" option in the config if you want it to drop normally.

    You can download the finished version here.
    NOTE: Make sure you delete the current config.yml to generate a new one.
    I wouldn't recommend setting the drop amount over 1000 though..


    It crashed both my clients XD

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    Holy.. Well thanks for the tip. Does it have WorldGuard protection now so when I hit players in a no PvP zone they won't drop the gold? And thanks a lot. Also, could you read your PM?

    I'll try the plugin tomorrow. Thanks.
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    Yeah, it does have the WorldGuard protection thing now.
    I read the PM, and I doubt I'll have the time to do that as I'm lazy af. XD
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    Great thanks. And don't worry about it.
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