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    I am currently looking for some people that are free to help code a couple of plugins for this server, I am currently looking for a few Java Coders/Plugin Coders to join the Golden Gaming's Plugin Team. Our plugins will mainly be focused around Minecraft PvP and Minecraft Mechanics.​
    GoldenGaming Plugin Philosophy
    Plugins Must Be Simple, Less Is More.​
    Everything Has To Be Configurable.​
    Look And Feel Of The Plugin Is Important.​

    Our Plugins

    What We Do
    Current Team
    Server Specs:
    100 Slots​
    4GB Ram​
    1000+ Members​
    8-9 Months Old​
    In Game Name:​
    Other Info:​
    Can You Use Skype?​
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    I would be happy to volunteer some of my services. Although I can't garentee I can help you with everything.
    IGN: BlueMond
    Timezone: -5 GMT
    Age: 15 (Don't let it fool you)
    Expirience: 2-3 years of self taught java (videos, websites, people, etc..) Have been making bukkit plugins for maybe a year now.
    Other Info: although my signature only shows 1 plugin I have an inactive one and I also have made about 10 private ones and 5 personally fun ones just for the hell of it. I also love making pvp plugins.
    Can you use mumble?: I'd rather not since I don't have nor do I plan on getting it.
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    I find it a *tad* ridiculous that you are looking to "hire" plugin developers. Just seems like the wrong word. I don't like "recruit" either, but hire is definitely wrong if no payment is involved. I've seen this type of thread a few times, and I just don't like it. Granted I have done coding for some servers, but in more of a "Hey I'm bored want me to code something?" not a "Hey I'm looking to please some random dude with a server, you mind giving me an assignment with unrealistic expectations because of your complete absence of knowledge of Java and computers in general?" Now I'm not saying that this applies to this specific scenario, because it most likely doesn't, but I really like to rant.

    Anyways, how can you fill 100 slots with 4GB of ram? Seems like a small amount for so many players.
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    What is a Slot? :s
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    xD no comment
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    What is that font in the banner?
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    Make YouTube videos if you like to rant.

    Its like the amount of players that can join/connect.

    I'm not sure sorry, my graphics guy did it and hes disappeared recently.

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    In Game Name: YoshiGenius
    Timezone: Sydney / AEST
    Age: 15
    Experience: 7/10 for bukkit plugins, 5/10 Java code
    Other Info: Likes to make random plugins.
    Can You Use Mumble?: Yes
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    Yeahhhhhhh..... 4 GB could handle 100 in vanilla maybe but with bukkit + plugins!!!! :O
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    In Game Name: zarrcus
    Timezone: Central
    Age: 14
    Experience: I have been coding for about 5 months now, and have 2 current plugins. You may see one of them here
    Other Info: I live in Texas and am a white kid among a bunch of racist mexicans. I am not saying all of them are. But life is hard.
    Can You Use Mumble?
    Yes i can and i have a Mic.
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    Thanks for the acceptance.

    1. I'll register on the website. --> just registered :)

    2. Where do I get source for current projects, etc. ?
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    In Game Name: peterarenot​
    Timezone: Australia (AEST)​
    Age: 15​
    Experience: Java and plugin development, also php and html​
    Other Info: I hate it when people misspell llama and like making stuff that makes sense.​
    Can You Use Mumble? yes.​
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    In Game Name: 7cardcha​
    Timezone: EST​
    Age: 13(Don't judge on age. I used to think I was a skiddie until I discovered the hack forums)​
    Experience: 2 years of programming experience. I know Python, Java, C++, C, CSS, HTML, PHP, Perl​
    Other Info: I have 6 free released plugin and a few more unreleased ones. I have done 2 paid plugins. Customers were really happy.​
    Can You Use Mumble? Yes but my microphone is broken.​
    If you look at my posts you will see that they are all well formatted, written and spelled. Please don't judge by age.​
    I am also 1 grade advanced in math and I am currently doing trigonometry.​
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    EpiphoneKL has left the team, still looking for more developers!
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    Jacob Marshall

    In Game Name: MelooonFace​
    Timezone: NZ​
    Age: 16​
    Experience: 8+ years web site development, 2-3 years java development.​
    Other Info: Check my profile...​
    Can You Use Skype? jacob.marshall.96​
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    In Game Name:
    I am a fairly new java coder.​
    Other Info:
    I have been looking into the Bukkit API a bit, and am very interested in learning more.​
    Can You Use Skype?
    Yes Xx_Ytry_xX​
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    Accepted :D
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    In Game Name: PattersNET
    Timezone: British (GMT +0 (Current DST so +1))
    Age: 17
    Experience: Coding for years, got into Java/Bukkit plugins around 5 months ago.
    Other Info: I know how to code, I like to code and I'm soon to be a fully qualified Software Developer.
    Can You Use Skype? Yes.
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    I had a 16GB fully Dedicated Server struggling with about 70 plugins...
  25. IGN: TheSommer​
    Timezone: GMT +1 (Denmark)​
    Age: 20​
    Experience: Computer Science Student (2½ years of Java), Fulfilled a couple of requests.​
    Other Info:
    If interested @ me, or write a PM. I am not interested if the team is shit.​
    Skype: Yes​
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    A 4gb dedi wont support 100 players wven with around 10-15 plugins and a high bandwith.

    Id suggest paying devs fir their hard time and work. Its a job. If not dont say your hiring.
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    Hiring Developers!
    is the wrong wording if your realy asking for volunteers. Don't be misleading.

    Say your looking for developers who want to give thier time to a new server.
    Needed! Developers to Donate Thier Time.

    There are plenty out there that enjoy doing this.
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    70 plugins? what? why?
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    Dunno tbh... We just kept adding them xD
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    This should be an addition to your 'show off your server' post.
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