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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by god_chris, May 12, 2011.

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    What god_chris's projects is
    Hi all, as ex-server owner I decided to help all of those who are trying to set up their own bukkit server by writing little notes within the configuration files for the plugins.
    Even a small amount could help me in a big way, all donors receive a mention on this site, the website, the forum and the blog. So your donations really do count for something :D [​IMG]
    It's legal! (I hope :S)
    As bukkit and its plugins are open source I am assuming its legal for me to be doing this? If not please tell me and I will stop straight away.
    How to use them!
    All you have to do is download the files, and then copy and paste them into the folder where the original files were and replace them, now you can open them and edit them to your liking :D

    Don't want me to do yours?
    If you don't want me to make one of these for your plugin, just say! I respect the fact people want to protect their work and keep it theirs. I will take it down as soon as possible​
    How do I get these amazing things?
    simply go to http://god-chris-projects.tk and go to the download tab, making sure to read the how to use tab first, then download and enjoy!
    I want a different plugin!
    If you want me to make a different plugin tutorial, request it over on the forum! follow the link on the website or click here: http://god-chris-forum.tk and request it in the appropriate section (at the moment the forum is under development! :S )
    Hope you enjoy what I have to offer at the moment! (yes I know 5 guides isnt a huge amount :p)
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    How to use Sortal would be nice :p And Skillz
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    I'll be sure to test them soon and add in my own little notes and whatnot, on my iphoe atm so will do next time im on my computer :D
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    <font color="rgb(0, 255, 0)">New guide!</font>

    By special request I have made and completed my new guide for skillz! If you wish download it you can do so <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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