Glowstone: from-scratch Bukkit implementation

Discussion in 'General Help' started by SpaceManiac, Sep 26, 2014.

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    Hi there! Glowstone is a fairly ambitious project that's existed in some form for over three years. The basic goal is to be a from-scratch reimplementation of the Minecraft server with native support for Bukkit plugins. This means no Mojang code (NMS) included whatsoever, and a 100% open-source server stack. Glowstone's code is licensed under the MIT license, and is always open to community contributions.

    • Supports Bukkit plugins natively.
    • Based on an updated Bukkit API.
    • Entirely from-scratch, with no NMS whatsoever.
    • Completely open-source from the ground up.
    • Many features (particularly survival ones) are unimplemented.
    • Will support Sponge plugins in the future.
    • MIT licensed.

    Glowstone isn't really ready for what I'd call production use, but it has enough features to support creative mode and minigame servers that don't rely on advanced game features (such as redstone, block physics, or mobs). As can be seen from the Github issue tracker, there's a long way to go until feature-completeness, but a surprising amount is already done, including multiworld and simplistic world generation, weather, block placement and digging, ban/whitelist support, and basic inventory support. Further, a large portion of Bukkit API calls are implemented (check out the Plugin Compatibility wiki page).

    Glowstone is also being built against a maintenance fork of Bukkit known as Glowkit. The goal of Glowkit is not to truly continue Bukkit, but rather to update it just enough to support Glowstone's continued development. Glowkit already includes the new Material entries for Minecraft 1.8, for example. Glowkit will not break backwards compatibility with existing Bukkit, and will only add API that Glowstone is prepared to implement.

    I'm working with the Sponge team to hopefully work to implement the Sponge API in Glowstone, meaning it will continue to be useful for developers moving to Sponge.

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    This is my favourite alternative, so far. Really looking forward to the development of this! Great work, guys!
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    Add a way to change NBT data kf entities, blocks and itemstacks in Glowkit, and every sever will start using it immediately
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    I am really excited about this one.
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    It doesn't seem like this is getting the amount of love it should. More love to Glowstone!

    Btw does Glowstone have its own forum or something? Perhaps I'm just blind.
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    We do,
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