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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ajallan246, Apr 8, 2012.

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    I'm creating my new Bukkit server and I have all the necessary plug-ins. I found a way to set a global spawn point "/setspawn" and I built around it. Is there anyway to protect that area from other people to prevent them from destroying blocks?
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    If you get world guard you can. You will also need world edit for it to work. Once it is installed type:
    * then select the region you wish to protect
    * at this point I usuually use //expand vert as this will make the region got from bedrock to the sky.
    //region define <name> g:<rank you need to build here>

    Hope that helped.

    It is /region etc with one slash not two.

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    If worldguard is too much for you to set up or if you don't need that many features, you can always get essentials spawn. It automatically protects spawn point up to a certain radius that you can change.
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    You can also just add tot the spawn-protection=RADIUS
    When you restart your server bukkit will move it to the bukkit.yml and change it to spawn-radius=RADIUS ;)
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