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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gosintary, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Hey! I need a plugin for bukkit 1.9.x that allows admins the permission to lock a certain item in a players inventory.

    I also need it to place the locked item in their inventory on the first join.

    The locked item will not be dropped or moved from the player's inventory.

    Locks are set up when an admin (opped player) does /slock lock. It will lock the current slot and have the current item. This item will be locked into every player's inventory until unlocked with /slock unlock, also only executable by an admin.

    No permissions needed. No config needed. No messages or anything at all. All commands already listed.

    Version 1.9.x

    Needed asap

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    if the player don't have this item, will they get this locked item. and must this item be in the same slot than the admins? if this so what if they player have allready another item here?
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    Well they won’t as the item is locked in the slot as soon as they join the server.
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    Does this item need to be locked even after restarts? Also what happens to the item in that players slot, does it replace the item, or move it to another slot. And finally what happens if a players inventory is full?
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    When an item is locked in a slot it is there forever and all eternity. If their is an item in the slot, OBLITERATE IT if the players inventory is full, OBLITERATE the item in that slot.

    @Tango_ @Skynios
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    I can attempt this for you, just require some more information first. Will this be used to lock more than 1 item? Also will it use the item and slot that the admin is holding in his hand once they use the command? And lastly, is it ok if I change the commands to /slock and /sunlock?
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    No, Yes, Yes
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    Im pretty sure this is what you want, if you want anything changed let me know.
    Link: DOWNLOAD
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