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    /togglec - changes your chat settings to global or distance (depends on which one you are currently on)

    - togglec : allows players to toggle between the two chat channels

    *global chat- the basic vanilla chat for Minecraft, the only difference they cannot hear what is being said in distance chat.

    *distance chat- players half to be within a certain radius (configurable block radius) to talk to each other, and people in this chat do not hear what people say in the global chat.

    But players should be allowed to still /msg /tell /r and hear /broadcasts ignoring what chat they are in.

    Any takers? Thanks. :)
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    I'm interested in making this. Please make sure that there's not an existing plugin that already does it, and I'll begin work.
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    I haven't found any on bukkit, although, essentials chat manager allows you to put distance, but not toggle between chats...
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    Try the KitsuneChat plugin!
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    HeroChat! It's used by every server that has this feature.. If you want the shout/global feature, you can either just use CommandHelper to make an alias for the global channel and/or download EasyShout.

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