Gladiator (Clans War)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Crowley3000, Jun 20, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Gladiator

    The plugin:

    Once per week (configurable) there will be a battle between clans. It only ends if one clan is left.
    A configurable prize (money) will be shared to the clan members that helped the clan in the war.
    The person who have most killed will get the prefix [PvP Legend] (configurable).
    And the 2 players of the winner clan who have most killed will get the prefix [Gladiator] (configurable).
    A player can only have one prefix. So, if a player gets the PvP Legend and the Gladiator prefix, the Gladiator will be passed to other player.
    When the event starts they will have to type /gladiator join. They will be teleported to the lobby.
    And after a configurable time, the battle begins, they are teleported to the arena.
    Allies will be able to fight each other.

    Config File:
    - day: monday
    - time: 18:30 #hour:minute
    Prize: 1000000

    Vault - To give the money
    LegendChat - To give the prefixes

    Ideas for commands:
    /gladiator join
    /gladiator setlobby
    /gladiator setspawn
    /gladiator setexit
    /gladiator relaod
    /gladiator pvplegend - Shows the current PvP Legend
    /gladiator gladiator - Shows the current Gladiator

    Ideas for permissions:
    gladiator.player - Permission to join, pvplegend and gladiator commands - Default: true
    gladiator.admin - Permission to setlobby, setspawn, setexit and reload commands

    When I'd like it by:
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