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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ibab, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Hey, I'm basically trying to have it so a player joins the server and gets given a book which has some text in it. I would like this to be possible with a /give command. Assuming that every book has it's own ID when it's created, but is is actually possible to use a give command to copy that book into someone else's hand?

    What I tried was that I had the book in my hand, then I used /give 357 and I got a bunch of copies from my book. Then I tried the same without the book in my hand and I just got empty books, so that way it didn't work.

    Just wondering if something like this is possible and if it is, could someone explain how?
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    There are many plugins that can distribute written books, but it's not possible to use /give or /i to give them a written one.
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    my best bet is to give it to them while your holding the book or try saying give (person name) (book's name)
  4. All right, thanks. I guess I'll have to find a plugin that would run a command when player joins the server the first time.
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    There are several kit plugins that support written books. You could configure it to give you the book on first join.
  6. Assuming that the Essentials kit doesn't have that feature? Can you give me a name or a link to a kit plugin that would have this feature if you happen to know any?
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