Give players an item on kill

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    Plugin category: Mechanic

    Suggested name: ItemKillReward

    What I want: There's a lot of plugins that can give players economy money for kills, but I haven't found a reliable way to give physical items.

    In my case it would be 2 gold bars.

    Only complex thing would be fall damage/fire checks.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: none

    When I'd like it by: Whatever works with you.
  2. chakyl What do you mean by this? You want it to give 2 gold ingots when a player kills another player?

    Edit: I will make this real quick, I just need more info..

    Do you want a config so you can change the item, or just stick to gold ingots?
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    That's pretty much it. A config would be nice just in case I ever need to change it, but not necessary.
  4. chakyl Alright, I will make it now.

    chakyl Another question, what do you mean by:

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  5. So, people cant dupe, and fall to their death and get gold. I believe, he doesn't want it so, fire and fall damage on death will not give gold.
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  6. GravedigginSearchBar Oh yeah, I made it so it checks for a player killing the player, and I believe that makes it so they can't do that? Hmm.. I will test it with a friend.
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    Wow, not sure about this. Couldnt friends keep killing eachother and share the loot?
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  8. SplotchyJester2 Possibly. I'm sure he could catch someone doing this.

    chakyl It's finished, but I'm not sure if you want death messages or not. Do you?

    Like, "tylerthecreeper2 was slain by chakyl"

    chakyl Here it is.. <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    When you get back online, let me know if you want anything else in it. I didn't disable death messages yet, but if you want those disabled let me know. I also didn't add a config. I can add one if you would like.

    My skype is in my signature, if you add me I reply quicker.

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    It's for an arena type mode, so unlike a survival server you wouldn't be able to dupe.
    Thanks, I don't mind having death messages
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  10. chakyl No problem. If you want anything else in it let me know.
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  13. chakyl Woops. Let me take a look :p

    Worked fine for me when I tried it.. I just added a description to the plugin.yml, maybe that will help

    Use the same link. :)
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    It works, but whenever I kill someone the message shows up twice, and I get both rewards. The second message is always has null for the name. Maybe a tiny cooldown?
  15. chakyl Hmm.. Give me a bit, i've been busy today. I can fix it by tomorrow.
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    I think that the KillReward plugin gives items to player like that.
  18. This plugin is already made, its called MoneyItems i believe.
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    I use KillReward on my servers it works fine

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