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    I want to be a plugin developer.
    I am not a professional, I am a very basic noob to Java.
    I want to make a plugin, and I want requests from YOU guys.

    Give me an idea of a plugin and I will TRY to make it!
    Try not to make it too hard though :p

    Do not let my Join date fool you.
    I am 14 years old and I have been on computers for 8 years. I got my first computer when I was 6 and I have been coding ever since. However I only started java, that's why I am sort of a noob.

    if you give me an idea your name will be in the credits with it for suggesting it :)

    Before any Moderator Deletes This, I created this thread because I am only a newb at Java and all the requests people are making seem to be a little difficult and I will learn overtime if I get requests in here, for basic plugins.
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    Could you make me:

    1. A plugin that tells you every time a torch is placed.

    2. A plugin that tells me where lightning strikes.

    3. A plugin that tells me when a PigZombie that was spawned via lightning dies, and does not notify me if a PigZombie spawned in the Nether or via a mob spawning plugin dies. Feel free to replace this with a plugin that only tells me when a PigZombie dies if you don't think you can limit it.

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    Describe the "tells me where lightning strikes" as in Direction, co-ordinates or something?
    (Just to let you know, that first plugin was my first I made from YouTube :p).
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    I want the coordinates of the block it hits, printed out in different colors.
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    Question: Is this like a test, things that you have done that you want to see if I can do?
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    No one actually wants to use these plugins, no (please, please, please do not submit "PigZombieCreatedByLightningDeathNotice v0.1 [733]" to plugin submissions). If you don't want to do them for that reason, it's ok. If you feel like taking them on just to make sure you can, go ahead.
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    I am aware nobody will want to use them, and I wouldn't be stupid enough to upload to plugin submissions. I think they're more just to start to learn Java.
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    Can you make a plugin that disable every command from every plugin you have for new players? I have essentials but i have over 100+ commands. so what your plugin does is instead of putting them 1 by 1 you could just insert the command you want for new players in seconds.
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    This is exactly what permissions or GroupManager does.
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    Get the pheonix version of permissions, and use the build: false in the permissions file for that rank and make that rank the default rank. :)
    Here's a link!
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    There is a plugin like this look up kit

    I dont no if this is easy but can you make a plugin that is similar to ijobs plugin. Instead you can pick a group that is configurable that I would put on there. You should make a browse and pick command too. you should add a option to add iconomy support in a later update.

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    Thanks, but the major difference is the fact that I am trying to restrict loadouts per life, and kits only support time delays to my knowledge. Also, I am looking for players to spawn with the items (not really essential, but very helpful) and for the items not to drop on death.
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    I am developing some rules on a server I play on. We would want to create different ranks for people. The higher the rank, the more things you cannot do.
    Rank 1 Guest: Can only walk around the server and chat
    Rank 2 Trainer: Can only use up to stone tools and cannot build lower than elevation 30
    Rank 3: Builder: Can use up to diamond tools and can build to bedrock
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    I believe Essentials already does that. I am looking for plugins that have not already been created.
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    Make a plugin that disables that stupid cap where we can't build past it in the skies if possible XD
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    Update tunnelr
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    Okay heres another idea: A plugin that disables Rain? The purpose for this is to remove rain sound and animation locally. Is that possible?
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    Don't know if its possible but here is an idea...

    Paintable Ice Blocks with an option to disable breaking of the blocks
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    I can tryto make one, I'll PM you if I start on this.
    Now, I want to get some sleep before my exam :D
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    How about something simple such as designating a tool ( pickaxe or something ) and making a single block teleporter, where you can right click any block to select it(point A.) do the same for another block (point B.) so when someone steps on it they're tele'd instantly. I think most of the other plugins use the nether portals or some obvious sign, so why not make it completely hidden. :p (Also I'd torture my players with this.)
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    This is pretty similar, but with more functionality:
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    Perhaps you'd like to try this out?

    I just want arrows to destroy the first block that they hit, and then disappear. Config options to choose if you want this to apply only to dispensers, bows, or both would be nice as well. (If that's not possible/too hard for you, the same plugin, but using snowballs, would work, as I want it to only work with dispensers. lol

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