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Discussion in 'Resources' started by matejdro, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Never used bluej. Eclipse, Netbeans are my favs for java. NP ++ for html.

    Edit: And yeah, Stop spamming this poor guy's thread. Sorry matejdro.
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    Yeah but its asking me for stuff you don't have on here.
  3. Try and keep it on topic? :confused:
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    tha d0ctor

    How do I get my project from my github repository package explorer to my regular eclipse package explorer so I can export the package locally to build my jar?

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    @tha d0ctor
    import github project?or maybe git repositories?
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    Getting this error, which I don't understand considering I followed everything...

    Can't connect to any repository: (An internal Exception occurred during push: not authorized)
  7. i get the same?
  8. Awesome! Can't wait to try this.
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    You have to be logged in before copying HTML url.
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    I was logged in though? :S

    Suddenly fixed itself, now i keep getting this?

    Scrap all of that, i just use Git Bash now(CMD Window)
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    Team->Fetch From Upstream
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    Random error? " An internal Exception occurred during push: Source ref refs/heads/master doesnt resolve to any object." Whats wrong?:/ matejdro

    :*( Whats wrong?

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    Everything works fine until I push my changes. I get this error (although its not clear to me that it is an error).

    master: master [rejected - non-fastforward]

    None of the files appear on github.
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    I would suggest in cases like these, to open up your console (cmd), terminal or bash (depending on your OS). Using cd to change the directory of your project.

    When you are in that project directory, type: "git push -u origin master", the reason for the "-u" is that hereafter when you do just "git push" git will know that you want to push the master branch to the remote named origin.

    The reason why I suggest using the terminal is that it is WAAAAY more verbose on it's errors.
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    Derp. I had this issue. In the view area, select one file and force push it and it will work.
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    Yeah a found a fix for it and it seems to run better, but now gives an error saying the remote was rejected. This was a few weeks ago so I've given up on github for now.

    EDIT: I don't get how to force push? Please could you explain again :)
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    If the remote gets rejected force pushing will not work either... Again, I suggest use the console/terminal!
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    Can you tell me how to force push anyway? :)
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    In eclipse? no friggin clue, in the console: push -f [remote] [branch]
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    How do my co-devs now fetch the projekt from github? Pushing works but I can't get the fetching from github working... Someone knows how to do that?
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    1. git clone [pathToTheGithubRepoHere] < - gets entire repository from github, also adds the github repository as a remote.
    2. make some edits
    3. git add (-u) [file] // Add edits to index
    4. git commit -m [message]
    5. git push (-u origin master)
    now everyone else that did the git clone before, or has it added as a repository, can simply do:
    • git pull (-u origin master)
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    And how do I force my co-dev's Eclipse Juno to update the projekt every time they open eclipse? So they don't have to merge every single file every time? Maybe pull? But this doesn't work either.. ("The current branch is not configured for pull No value for key branch.master.merge found in configuration")

    Edit: Got pull working by editing my master branch under egit and editing upstream branch and remote put still now clue neither how to force to pull when eclipse opens nor if pull is the correct choose
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    I've followed successfully the instructions in OP, and I see the project in the resources pane. However, even after manually changing the project type to java, I can't export anything. File->export can't see the project.
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    Thank you so much for this thread!!
    I was really new to github and just could not figure how to upload a project (or basicly any files) to github.

    Helped a lot, thanks!
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    I have the same issue :(
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    I can't create one
    "Creation of repositories in the Eclipse workspace is not recommended"
    so I can't select my project ;(
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    If I'm right you have to click 'Create Repository' first.
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