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Discussion in 'Resources' started by matejdro, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Since many people want to use github, but have no idea how to link it with eclipse, here is an quick guide. I'm also new to this stuff, so I don't know much. I'm just telling you method that I have learned and it works great for me:

    Preparing repository

    1. First we will install eGit, which is used to connect Eclipse to Github. In Eclipse, go to help --> install software.

    2. In "Work With" window, type in "" (without quotes). Click Add... button next to it.


    3. Tick "Eclipse Git Provider" and keep clicking next until you get "Installing Software..." dialog. Now it will take some time to install eGit. When asked, restart eclipse.

    4. Go to Window --> Show View --> Other... --> Git --> Git repositories and click OK. You should get new window somewhere.

    5. If you have not already, go to Github, create an account and create new repository.

    6. On top of your new repository, click "HTTP" and copy contents of window on the right.


    7. In Eclipse, right click on your project and select Team --> Share project


    8. Select Git --> Next --> Tick "Use or create repository in parent folder of your project --> click on your project --> click "Create Repository" --> click Finish.

    9. You will get new entry in Git Repositories window. Click arrow next to it to expand it and right click on remotes --> Create Remote.


    10. Select "Configure push" and type any name. Click OK.

    11. Under "Push URIs" click "Add..." .

    12 Under URI enter text you copied in step 6. Everything should automatically fill in with exception of your password. Enter password you use to log in into github. Tick "store in secure store" to save your password, so you won't have to enter it each time.

    13. Click OK and Save. You are now ready.

    Using repository

    First you need to commit changes. With committing, you will store your current changes into your local repository. Right click on your repository in "Git Repositories" window and select Commit.

    Under "message" you type description of your change, and then tick files you want bellow.

    After committing again right click on repository, select "Push" and click Finish. This will copy all your changes to Github.
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    Do I need for every plugin a new repository? :p
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    Got a error *sadface*

    github error.png
  4. Quite funny how you posted this one hour after i started fiddling with EGit :p
    I've got everything working, however i cant pull from github. I added the settings branch.master.merge and branch.master.remote, but it just says theres nothing to fetch.
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    And where can I download the .JAR-file on GitHub or do I need to compile it by myself? :p
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    @robin0van0der0v Yes and yes :)

    @Butkicker12 what eclipse do you have? Can you try with classic one?

    @r3Fuze is there something to fetch? That means that someone else must commit data so you can fetch it.
  7. @matejdro I edited one of my files via github. When i use the git bash commands it works fine.
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    Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.

    Version: Indigo Release
    Build id: 20110615-0604
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    Any solutions to the post above?
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    Have you tried with normal eclipse? I mean one with purple ball for icon :)
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    use Intellij
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    I prefer eclipse.
  14. Shutup :p
    @Butkicker12 so you can't install because of it? Are you using the right eclipse version?
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    No this just pops up and didnt before I redownloaded. Dont know what to put there. version:

    Version: Indigo Service Release 1
    Build id: 20110916-0149
  16. Hmm... Wierdo!
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    no INTELLIJ?
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    This is tutorial is for eclipse not intellij

    Yes I have. I redownloaded and now this came up. This is what I did:

    I put in the download address "" and clicked add. This came up but wasnt there before I redownloaded. What should I do/ put in there?
    View attachment 7011

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    setup github>create repository>download git>setup git>open eclipse>download eGit or whatevers>create repository in your project folder path(using git init>remote add)>refresh eclipse
    rightclick project>team or whatevs>commit directory or files or whatevs>rightclick project>push changes
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    tha d0ctor

    I'm very confused where I export / build the actualy jar file. When I try to file>export it like before nothing shows up to allow me to select my git repositories

    can someone please point me in the right direction in how to compile all this
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    export>jar>choose files to include on jar(include plugin.yml), choose output dir>create metadata>finish
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    Netbeans :p has built-in Git usages requires some setup but much easier than this. Switched from Eclipse to use it :)
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    no...not netbeans... INTELLIJ
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    How do I setup to pull and fetch from my repo on github?
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    anyone whose having problem with this just pm me
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    Dislike :p
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    Whats wrong with Netbeans, Eclipse, or IntelliJ? lol
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    Just leave bukkit go now and never come back.
    Notepad++ > Netbeans = Eclipse > Intellij > bluej
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    Stop spamming my thread and go fight somewhere else.

    Similar to push, except that you select "fetch" in step 10.

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