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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Xptical, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    Been playing MC for a while now; maybe a year on and off. I'm thinking of putting together a server for some friends. I have used CraftBukkit in the past as an offline/local test server during LAN parties. Now I'm thinking I want to go all-out. Probably a whitelist at first and then transition to a greylist/blacklist later on.

    After looking at some ideas for my server, someone suggested McMMO. It looks pretty cool for what it is. But I was wondering about adding more plugins to the server to help out with admin or to extend play.

    As of now, I'm just looking at setting up a MySQL server to log players' progress and maybe crafting some sort of Ruby or Python HTML page to pull those stats and give players a scoreboard.

    Is anyone using McMMO with additional plugins?

    If so, what plugins and why did you choose them?

    What are the *core* plugins required to keep the server from getting trashed/griefed/overloaded?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Nathan C

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    Core? CommandBook, LogBlock, WorldEdit, PermissionsBukkit, WorldGuard...
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    Some of those seem to do the same thing. LogBlock seems pretty nice, but it seems like WorldEdit does something similar?


    I know *where* to find plugins. I just wanted to know *what* plugins are good for a public/semi-public server.
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    Nope, WorldEdit is a totally different beast.
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    Worldedit: Edits and manages total controllabity over editing world contect, chunks, blocks etc. also allows you to copy and paste and even save schematics and paste schemattics.

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    Okay. That makes sense. But, if I'm running a RPG world, why would I want to do that? My main focus would be to run a fair McMMO server. LogBlock can let me roll-back griefing, but what reason would I want to copy-paste structures or edit blocks?

    Please forgive the newbie questions.

    Thanks all.
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    For the fun of having my balls busted, use the Essentials plugin.
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    If you really want to customize your RPG experience, look at the Heroes plugin. It replaced mcMMO on my server completely.
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