Getting dispenser items.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by CevinWa, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Hello i have some problem with getting the items contained in an dispenser from the location.

    Like this i have a block that's one block above the dispenser and when the player walks over that block this will search if the dispenser has a certain item in it and do a certain thing. (Only need help with getting the data from the dispenser not the playermove event. ) I thought you maybe could do as you do with a sign when you just get the lines thrue casting but im not sure. Every of my attempts has returned nagative.
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    Ewe Loon

    first get the block that should be the dispenser,
    check the type to make sure irt is a dispenser
    typecase block.getState to dispenser
    then call its getInventory method

    should look something like this , note it typed it in here, could have some spelling errors

    Block blockbelow=block.getRelative(0,-1,0)
    if (blockbelow.getType()=Material.dispenser){
      Dispenser disp=(Dispenser) blockbelow.getState();
      Inventory inv=disp.getInventory()
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    Didn't work. And i've already tried that.

    Weird got it to work now :D Thanks

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    Ewe Loon

    the most common mistake is trying to typecast the block not the blockstate, which you might have done before
    but glad its working
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