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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Betagear, Oct 10, 2015.

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    I'm trying to make something, and for so need to get all the paths that are in my config from a certain path.
    Is anyone knowing how I can do this ?
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    What does your path look like? What is the format for the string?

    Can a simple for loop take care of the problem? (E.G. For loop from 0 to 100, and using that loop you can get the path "PATH."+integer)
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    Looks like :
    • Signs:
      • X :X Y :Y Z :Z World :World : true
      • X :X Y :Y Z :Z World :World : true
    So the for loop with int won't work.
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    then do the following

    int X = getConfig().getINT("General.Signs.X");
    int Y = getConfig().getINT("General.Signs.Y");
    int Z = getConfig().getINT("General.Signs.Z");

    If you are unsure what would be under signs, you can always save the SubSection's name (the X/Y/ZWorld) in an arraylist with a static path (Such as "Utils.SignPathNames") and put all the strings in the arraylist (So if you're adding "Pitch" to config, you would use ArrayList.add("Pitch") )
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    If it is a StringList, loop through config.getStringList("path"). If it is a configuration section, loop through config.getConfigurationSection("path").getKeys(false)
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    @Zombie_Striker The whole line is capted as one thing, because there is no space between X:X etc.

    @FisheyLP Tried to do that :
            for (String path : plugin.getConfig().getConfigurationSection("General.Signs").getKeys(false)) {
                String[] path2 = path.split(" ");
                for (String string : path2) {
                path2[2].replace(":", "");
                path2[4].replace(":", "");
                path2[6].replace(":", "");
                int X = Integer.valueOf(path2[2]);
                int Y = Integer.valueOf(path2[4]);
                int Z = Integer.valueOf(path2[6]);
                World world = Bukkit.getWorld(path2[8].replace(":", ""));
                Location Signloc = new Location(world, X, Y, Z);
    but Integer.valueOf doesn't seems to work...

    EDIT : I just forgot that Lists begins with 0 and not 1

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