Get the ID of a block.

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    Plugin category: I don't know.

    Suggested name: Id Getter

    What I want: Hey guys, I'm looking for a plugin that will get the ID of any block I have in my hand for easy WorldEdit use.

    Ideas for commands: /id

    Ideas for permissions: Nothing needed.

    When I'd like it by: Um, a few days.
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    That is a very simple easy request. I don't know if they already have one, but I can make you one. Only problem is that it normally takes a few days to upload to bukkit.
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    Hmm, okay thanks. That looks good.
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    Oh, I just refreshed the page and I just finished mine, and I added it so it tells you how much you have in your hand.
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    OtherDrops can also do this with the command "/od id". It will tell you both the item in hand & block looked at giving details of material, id number, data values, metadata (eg. leather armour color, skull owner, etc) and lightlevels for the block looked at.

    "/od id mob" will give you info on the closest mob to you too.
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    How about just doing /id while looking at a block and have it give its Name, and Id #
    Then doing /Id Hand will give the name and Id of the item in the players hand.
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    I'm working on adding all this. For now it gets all the data about the block. Same as /od id
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    There is also a function key you can press to enable a setting that tells you the ID of an item when you put your mouse over it, and If it is an item with a durability it will tell you that too, I will do a little research into what function key it is, as when I updated to 1.5 it reset it and I do not remember which key it was! - facepalm -
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    Essentials does this. /Itemdb
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    Yep, I was about to say that.
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    Well for a more light weight then Essentials. This will work.

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