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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by tryfme, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Hey!I am making a bukkit minigame plugin.So i am stucked here:

    When a player kills other player, must add a point to the Hashmap <String, Integer>.
    And when some player arrives 10 kills, the game ends.Please, help.
  2. Code:Java
    2. int highestNumber = 0;
    3. String highestPlayer = null;
    5. for (String player : hashMap.keySet()) {
    6. if(hashMap.get(player) > highestNumber)
    7. highestNumber = hashMap.get(player);
    8. highestPlayer = player;
    9. }
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    Okay, but when the player kills other player must be added to the hashmap in this way?
    hashMap.put(killer.getName(), +1) ?

    Anyone? Please respond.

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    Get their current score and add one
    Score = Score + 1
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    Code example?
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    What have you tried? It seems you don't have an understanding of Java, so maybe try learning some of that first.

    FisheyLP Huge spoonfeed :(.
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    tryfme To add one to their HashMap value, get their current kills value, add 1 to it, then put that new value in the map.
    During that process you could add a check to see if the new value is 10 (or old value is 9) and if so, end the game.
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    How must be look like?
  9. tryfme As above, please learn Java first. Nobody should be willing to provide the code for you, that's entirely your job.
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    tryfme However it's correct java and does what it should ;)
    This shouldn't be to hard to figure out if you know what you're doing
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