Get the amount of damage an item SHOULD do, when used as a weapon

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by orange451, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Without hardcoding a list of all the damages that certain items do, how could I find out (in code) the amount of damage an item should do to a player when he is struck by another player who is holding it.

    Example, Player A hits Player B with a Diamond Sword. Assuming I don't know how much damage a diamond sword does, how could I find it out? (again without hardcoding all these values).
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    Are you planning to take armor into account?
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    Bukkit already does that when you damage someone.

    Obviously I tried the damageEvent, however, I am messing with how players are tagged in the server. The DamageEvent always returns 0 damage (unless I damage them specifically using .damage(x)).
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    Hmm, Javadocs don't make this very clear...


    So, it only returns the damage caused by Blocks? Doesn't make much sense. I'm pretty sure I've used getDamage() before successfully.
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