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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Luduk, Apr 17, 2020.

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    Basically, essentials's /near, but without a limit, or with a configurable limit.


    /near - returns a list of players with a distance to them.

    - either make it a near.radius.*number* - to set up what group gets what radius, or just make a config file with a radius for all.

    Also a config option to hide players who are invisible would be nice.

    Also a config option to hide AFK players would be nice.
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    I can see this being easy, but wouldn't scale up very well for a huge server, how many players do you think you would have on the server?
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    @Luduk I've basically finished making this plugin, just doing some big fixes then i will send a link

    EDIT: The plugin is done and works but when u run the command some random info messages pop up which neither me or the ppl on my discord server hv ever seen anything like before so it will take some time before i can upload.

    EDIT 2: Fixed, here is a link to it,
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