Get Essentials Nickname?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Meatiex, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Meatiex just put essentials in ur references like craftbukkit
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    On the chat, get the display name, I think that's what they change as I did in ma plugin
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    I am trying to get the player's nickname by reading the config, because I have 2 Different Servers (NOT SPIGOT) and one of them has the nicknames on them, Their all on the same computer so this would work with files, just need help to do so.
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    Meatiex Wouldn't you rather just use the essentials API to grab their nickname if getting the display name will not work for you? (If the api supports that)

    And also, the servers are still seperate so wouldn't the getDisplayName() method work?
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    Meatiex once you have the files, use

    File file = new file(; ex. File f =new File("c:/server/plugins/essentials/Players/"+player.getName );(or if its with uuids use get unique Id).
    YamlConfiguration yc = YamlConfiguration.loadfromfile(f);

    Hope I helped
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