Get and set vector magnitude.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by srspore, Sep 29, 2015.

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    I basically want to make an arrow bounce off of something at the same speed it came in at. So I have one vector that is the arrows velocity and I have another vector that is the direction I want the arrow to go in, however the magnitude is not the same as the arrows velocity, so I need to get the arrows magnitude and set it to the magnitude of the vector the arrow should follow when it bounces. Thank you in advance!
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    Well, you can normalise the output Vector and then multiply by the incoming velocity.
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    Getting the magnitude is just a mathematic equation.

    Vector vec = arrow.getLocation().getVelocity();
    return Math.sqrt(vec.getX()*vec.getX() + vec.getY()*vec.getY() + vec.getZ()*vec.getZ());

    Setting the magnitude the negative of the original is easier, you need to use the magnitude you got above (named mag)

    Arrow arrow2 = world.spawnArrow(arrow.getLocation(), arrow.getLocation().getDirection(), -mag, 0);

    The "arrow" variable is the original arrow, the arrow2 is the spawned one
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    *coughs loudly*
    Reinventing the wheel like always, I see.

    double magnitude = incoming.length();
    output = output.normalize().multiply(magnitude);
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    Oh...yes...That's a good way too...
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