get a certain TITLE when get to a certain level

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    like if am at level 0 and get to level 5 than i become Ninjaor like when i become level 50 my rank/Title becomes Warrior. you know what it doesn't have to be NINJA and WARRIOR but something maybe COMMANDER or something i don't know! and you type in /rank list
    and it Lists everyone rank/title so you can see who's higher and stuff....and also type in something like " /rank levels " to see what title you are going to become!
    and other ranks/titles not just when you get to level 5 or 50!
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    I'm just pulling more info out of your request for other people at this point, I'm not saying I'll do it (mainly cause I'm not at my programming computer, so I cant make it atm).

    Would you want these titles next to a players names in chat (I highly recommend NOT doing this, cause it's already done by many plugins), OR, my preference, something like mcMMO with some sort of /rank or /rank top command.

    Also, would you like the titles to be broadcast when they're achieved? Like if someone reaches level 5, do you want it to tell everyone "[player] is now a Warrior", or something.
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    yeah Broadcast it thats sounds good! and maybe like to see what rank/title a player has just type in like " /rank players " and it will have a list of all the players that have ever got on your server and by the names it will say the rank they are!

    Example :

    super1049 : Ninja
    Killer123 : Scout
    MinecraftBeast : Warrior

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