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    What I'm looking for is a plugin that generates structures/bases in a defined area

    Here are some commands, permissions nodes, and a description of what they do.

    /lootbase radius <#> - lootbase.radius - Creates a radius in where the Generated Loot can generate.
    /lootbase force - lootbase.force - Forces a LootBase to spawn.
    /lootbase stop - lootbase.stop - Stops lootbases from stoping, if turned off will notify player with such permission each time they log in that lootbase is toggled off.
    /lootbase on - lootbase.on - turns lootbases on.
    /lootbase create <name> - lootbase.create - gives you a wand and you region what will be generated around the world.
    /lootbase delete <name> - lootbase.delete - deletes a lootbase
    /lootbase list - lootbase.list - lists the diffrent types of LootBases there are.
    LootBases only generate in the world if the following conditions have been met.

    The Chunks have been loaded - optional
    A player has not placed blocks in a 50 block radius
    A player is not within 50 blocks of the location
    The WorldSpawn location is atleast 500 blocks away.

    If you would like to add more conditions feel free.
    If you need more infomation feel free to ask.

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