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    General commands as used on my server since '10. Warping, item giving, time changing, weather changing -- the usual.

    Thor command, one of many (video by Rubenbeebl):

    Note: You can remove any of these commands from CommandBook using the download link below.
    • General:
      • item [-d] <item[:data]> [amount]
      • give [-d] <target> <item[:data]> [amount]
      • more [-a] [-i] <target>
      • online [filter]
      • motd
      • intro (play intro music)
      • midi (play a MIDI file for yourself)
      • rules
      • setspawn [destination]
      • time [world] <time>
      • weather <'stormy'|'sunny'> [duration] [world]
      • thunder <'on'|'off'> [duration] [world]
      • spawnmob [-p] [-d] [-i] [-r] <mob> [count] [location]
      • kit <kit> [target]
    • Teleportation:
      • spawn
      • tp [target] <destination>
      • bring <target>
      • put <target>
      • call <target> (request a teleport)
    • Messaging:
      • broadcast <message>
      • say <message>
      • me <message>
      • msg <target> <message...>
      • reply <message...>
      • mute <target>
      • unmute <target>
    • Player:
      • whereami
      • compass
      • clear [-a] [target]
      • slap [-s] [-h|-v] [-d] [target]
      • rocket [-s] [-h] [target]
      • barrage [-s] [target]
      • shock [-s] [target]
      • thor [target] (get Thor's hammer)
      • unthor [target] (revoke Thor's hammer)
      • whois [target]
    • Utilities:
      • ping
      • debug info
      • debug clock (very accurate server lag benchmark)
    • Bans:
      • kick <target> [reason...]
      • ban [-e] <target> [reason...]
      • unban <target> [reason...]
    Complimentary plugins:


    [​IMG] CommandBook 1.7
    Requirements: Java 6+, WorldEdit, Bukkit build 753+

    You need WorldEdit: Install WorldEdit. If you don't want WorldEdit, put WorldEdit.jar in the root folder of your server or in the plugins/CommandBook folder.​

    If you find CommandBook useful, [​IMG]

    How to Use

    Check out my server too!

    [​IMG] (CommandBook is open source!)
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  2. when I use the "/setspawn" command to set a new spawn in the middle of a house, it is ok when a player uses "/spawn".
    But when a player dies, he will spawn at the roof of the house :(

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    @sk89q - I've yet to restart the server but did /reload - in both cases - I tested on the same world and on separate worlds - I didnt see it - perhaps a restart is needed? I'll look into it further tonight and see what it could be. Is this a 740+ feature?
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    is there a way with this to teleport to other worlds? ie lets say i have world "spleef"
    can i do "/tp spleef" and be teleported to spleefs spawnpoint?
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    Anyway to stop players with the permission to /tp from tping to players in another world?
    Aswell as /give for players in other worlds (/heal, /god)
    Pretty much make the whole plugin only able to effect players of one world
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    Does it create error messages in the console? :p

    You need to install a permissions plugin like Permissions.

    Turn on exact-spawn in the configuration. This doesn't yet fix it when someone first joins a server though.

    I'm not sure. I didn't actually test the feature though and I may have made an error.

    There isn't a way yet.

    Put a request on the issue tracker please.
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    Done, thanx for the quick response.
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    This plugin is great, but, I don't use permissions, so my users can't use /spawn anymore :(

    How can I solve this (without installing permissions) ??

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    You could put this into perms_groups.txt in your root directory:


    And make a blank perms_users.txt.
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    By "root directory" you mean the 'bukkit' dir (in my case: /opt/bukkit) ?

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    Although to be accurate, it needs to be your working directory.
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    Wow... so bukkit has now hardcoded permissions ? Or this is CommandBook only related ?
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    No, that's WorldEdit's (thus all my other plugins too) use. I added it back when there were no permission plugins.

    Bukkit will be getting built-in permissions soon though.
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    Cool, thank you :)

    BTW: I can't use HeroChat's /tell anymore (CommandBook is interpreting the command instead). What can I do ?

    Thank you again for your support.
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    You could modify plugin.yml inside of the .jar file and remove tell from the list. I plan on adding customization of command aliases to the customizer in the future.
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    Done :D

    Thank you
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    Sorry to throw things off topic a bit. But how soon is soon ;) Seems like forever with out them
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  19. Hi i have a Problem


    Any Idea?
  20. would it be possible to have an xml file with a true/false as to weather to include the command?
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    I'm just curious. Has anyone else had a problem with the motd message being shown twice when logging into the server? (I'm using the latest version of commandbook).
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    Install WorldEdit.

    It is currently not possible to dynamically register commands.
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    Hey, thanks for replying to my comment, I appreciate taking out a little of your time to respond.

    Now, I did what you said, at-least how i understood.
    I did this: I downloaded the new CB and deleted my old CB.jar and unzipped the new CB in plugins. Loaded the new CB and everything seemed fine, so I decided to edit the config.yml to my requirements. Well, now the problems are; When I enabled item-permissions-only to "true" no one can use /give. At that point I assumed it's working. So I went to stage 2 and added command perm: CommandBook.items.(IDs I wanted to be accessible)-- I started from commandbook.items.1-2257, I left out the IDs I didn't want people to access through /give-- and the problem is that even with the perms people are unable to access the IDs I wanted them to access.

    It seems like the plugin isn't reading the perm: commandbook.items.(ID) for some reason.

    Any solutions?
    P.S.: Specs of the server: CraftBukkit: 740 running on 32bit Java with Permissions and few other plugins.
    Thanks. JetsuSeal

    Edit: I forgot to mention; I gave commandbook.items.* to the Moderators, but, sadly, CB still reponds "You don't have Permission." CB still doesn't read permissions.
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    /weather broadcasts a message to all players. Is there a setting to kill the broadcast? If I'm running some sort of event, I really don't want players to know that an admin/mod is changing the weather.
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    are there any config things for players online / player list for putting in the MOTD?
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    Don't put spaces in the names and fix your spelling. Diamondpick Diamondaxe Diamondshovel Diamondhelmet Diamondpants Diamondchestplate Diamondboots Those are the names you want.
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    i have a request: a afk or away feature
    syntax: /afk (or /away) [reason(optional)]
    a good way for people to know that your gone if a private message is sent

    a quick question, I have been using essentials (i know how annoying it is but it had a "few" useful things) and was wondering if an alias to /replay can be used aka /r (my users are really used to it)
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    wow that good thanks
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    Is it possible to make it so tp isnt cross world?

    we have multi world setup, and on 2 of our worlds, they are strict, but someone with tp and just goto creative and tp from there anywhere they want to another player.

    Can we make it perform based on world permissions, id imagine a small check would fix (sorry, your not allowed to TP in that world) or something.
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    disregard my last post that asked for /r i didn't notice the documentation link for commands sorry about that

    however looking at the documentation i wondered if it was possible to have a -t for the weather command to enable thunder in one shot. the syntax could look like this

    /weather stormy 20 [world] -t 10
    stormy for 20 seconds(i think it's in seconds) and thundering for 10 seconds
    not a huge thing but would be kinda nice :)

    P.S. amazing plugins (worldedit, worldguard, ect) i would help write in my request if i knew how to fork (i think that's the term) to help contribute I know some java but i'm not great at it.
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    command book dont work it have no errors in server log and no in game bit no of this command work nothing

    some time it work some time not

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