Inactive [GEN] SpawnControl v0.8.3 - Per-Player/Group Spawns (Now on DevBukkit) [1060]

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    SpawnControl v0.8.3

    SpawnControl is being superseded by HomeSpawnPlus, a more advanced plugin that supports all of SC's features, and many more. Your homes and spawns can be imported directly from SpawnControl into HomeSpawnPlus.
    Feel free to contact me with questions/concerns/complaints.

    Tested with CraftBukkit 1060.

    DevBukkit Page: SpawnControl
    Bug Reports: SpawnControl Issue Tracker

    • Per-player /home and /sethome
    • Per-group /groupspawn
    • Precise /spawn and /setspawn override
    • Per-world global, group, and player spawns
    • [NEW] Cooldowns for /home, /sethome, /groupspawn, and /spawn
    • Optional respawn on death
    • Optional respawn on join
    • Toggles for home, groupspawn, and globalspawn features
    • Imports player homes from
    • Imports group spawns from

    This is a more full-featured release by far. Group spawns and global spawn are now supported. I'm detecting 'new' players (for global spawn) by checking their group (new players will be in Default) and looking for an existing home entry. If no home entry is found, the player will be teleported to the global spawn and their home will be set to the global spawn location. If someone has a better method for detecting this, I'd love to hear it.

    The following permissions are available:
    • SpawnControl.sethome.basic
    • SpawnControl.sethome.proxy
    • SpawnControl.home.basic
    • SpawnControl.spawn.use
    • SpawnControl.spawn.set
    • SpawnControl.groupspawn.use
    • SpawnControl.groupspawn.set
    • SpawnControl.CooldownExempt.* (Sub-nodes: *, home, sethome, groupspawn, spawn)
    • SpawnControl.config (for /sc_config [setting] [value])
    • SpawnControl.import (for /scimportconfig and /scimportgroupconfig)
    1. Download SpawnControl.jar and place it in your bukkit plugins folder
    Optional Installation Steps (for Permissions support):
    1. Download the Permissions plugin and install it
    2. Add SpawnControl entries to your Permissions config as desired
    • /spawn - go to global spawn
    • /setspawn - set the global spawn to your current location
    • /home - go home
    • /sethome - set your home to your current location
    • /groupspawn - go to your group spawn
    • /setgroupspawn [group] - set the group spawn for the specified group to your current location
    • /sc_config [setting] [value] - alter a configuration setting
    • enable_home - Enables or disables /home and /sethome (0 = disabled; 1 = enabled) [Default: 1]
    • enable_groupspawn - Enables or disables /setgroupspawn and /groupspawn (0 = disabled; 1= enabled) [Default: 1]
    • enable_globalspawn - Enables or disables /setspawn, /spawn, and /globalspawn (0 = disabled; 1 = enabled) [Default: 1]
    • behavior_death - Specifies the behavior when a player dies (0 = disabled - user returns to vanilla spawn; 1 = home; 2 = group spawn; 3 = global spawn) [Default: 3]
    • behavior_join - Specifies the behavior when a player joins the server (0 = disabled - user spawns at last position; 1 = home; 2 = group spawn; 3 = global spawn) [Default: 0]
    • behavior_spawn - Specifies the behavior of the /spawn command (0 = global spawn; 1 = group spawn; 2 = home)
    • behavior_globalspawn - EXPERIMENTAL - Specifies the behavior when setting spawn (0 = does not override map spawn, 1 = overrides map spawn)
    • cooldown_home [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /home command
    • cooldown_sethome [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /sethome command
    • cooldown_groupspawn [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /groupspawn command
    • cooldown_spawn [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /spawn and /globalspawn commands

    Known Issues:

    • None?

    • 0.1 - First Bukkit release. Basic /home and /sethome support
    • 0.2 - Group and global spawns, Permissions integration
    • 0.3 - Working respawn on death; respawn on join (optional); configuration options
    • 0.4 - Updated to use new OnCommand system
    • 0.5 - Now uses PLAYER_RESPAWN; added basic multiworld support; added experimental (optional) globalspawn behavior; added missing /globalspawn command
    • 0.6 - Proper multi-world support with per-world spawns
    • 0.7 - Added command cooldowns; Permissions is now optional
    • 0.8 - Fixed multiworld spawns; recompiled against CB #617; removed deprecated method calls
    • 0.8.1 - Updated deprecated world loading method; tweaked spawn log message
    • 0.8.2 - Switched cooldown time handling from server time to system time
    • 0.8.3 - Added Hidendra's pull to support Bukkit's native permissions
    • Full changelog
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    Will check this out as soon as I can.
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    Gotta admit, I think I must be missing a configuration option or combination, because I'm also having the same problems with multiworld spawns. Dying seems to take players to the main world whatever I do. Is there a configuration option that is known to cause players to spawn at the local world spawn? Or a required permission for this behaviour?
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    Please make a separate config value for both /home and /sethome. I want my players able to respawn on death at home location, but disable the teleport.

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    Is it possible you could add a value for first spawn? I can either have people respawn at group spawn every time they join which is not good for server crashes, etc, or have new people spawn at default spawn which is not what we want.
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    Just thought I'd mention that I'm using bukkit v818, SpawnControl v0.8.1, and Permissions 2.7.4 and everything works quite well.

    Only question I had pertained to /home using the same coordinates for multiple worlds, so people are getting jacked when they type /home in Nether and it teleports them into a wall of Netherrack. lol. Anyhow, functionality I'm missing, something you're working on, or something that just needs to be dealt with?

    Thanks for all your work on this plugin!
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    @nismo They're already separate. See the permission nodes in the OP.

    @Guniv Working on it for 0.9.

    @LucidCraft I'm aware of this but not 100% sure why it happens. SpawnControl attempts to use the global spawn for a newly-created world as the SpawnControl spawn for that world. When a player joins, their home is set to the SpawnControl global spawn if they haven't already set a home for that world. The issue isn't that it's using coordinates from the wrong world. It's that somehow the map's own global spawn coordinate is unsafe, so the auto-set SpawnControl spawn and homes are also unsafe. The best way to avoid this is by using /setspawn in the new world BEFORE anyone tries to use /spawn or /home in that world.

    I haven't been able to reproduce this on RB860 yet. Any relevant messages in the server log?

    FYI, using Permissions 3.1.5b with RB860 and SpawnControl v0.8.2, I have not yet encountered any issues or errors.

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    If first spawn could be per-group too that'd be great (person in A group spawns in A position first time, Then respawns in B position next time)
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    Geoff Winans


    It seems to have stopped happening, as well (or, at least, my players aren't reporting it anymore).

    On a side note, I'd like to see if you can make a small change to SpawnControl:

    Can you hook PlayerRespawnEvent at Priority.Normal instead of Priority.Highest? We're working on a custom plugin that will work along with SpawnControl to allow BedSpawning to work, but with SC taking Priority.Highest, we can handle the PlayerRespawnEvent.
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    I'm not opposed to changing the priority (I'm not aware of another plugin that would be affected adversely by switching SC from Highest to Normal), but keep in mind SC is going to be supporting bed spawns natively in the next version. :)

    On that note, v0.9 is taking a bit longer than I thought. There are a lot of 'gotchas' with the new fallback setup, and I'm trying to account for every reasonable setup I can think of. I'm making decent progress, but I'm going to stop making time estimates for now since they're wildly inaccurate. :)
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    @Timberjaw : Your plugin.yml is out of date, it says 0.8.1. :p

    @Timberjaw : Hmm... 0.8.2

    21:54:08 [INFO] [SpawnControl] Attempting to respawn player Juze (respawning).
    21:54:08 [INFO] [SpawnControl] DEBUG: Respawn Location: Location{world=CraftWorl
    Rushed a bit with release again?

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    Must have forgotten it for 0.8.2 because it was such a tiny update. :)

    That was actually left in intentionally because people have been having some weird results with multiworld spawning.
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    When i use /home at my multi world, skyland (simpleskyland plugin) it dont bring me home. I spawn at skyland, not the right world. (bukkit 863, SpawnControl v0.8.2)
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    Hello im trying to make my own server but im a 1/2noob in this thing's im trying to set spawn to all player but it says that i dont have permission how do i do that

    and i heard about A plugin named permissions but i dont really know what is it for and how to install

    (im in windows 7 x86 minecraft beta 1.6.6)
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    Is it possible to have homes seperate between worlds? If a player sets there home in World1, and dies in World 2 they will respawn to World1's home.

    It would be better if you could set it so that: If the player has a home in the world they are in, they will respawn to it (if its allowed in the settings). If they don't have a spawn in that world, they will go to the group spawn.
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    Deleted user

    Fantastic plugin. I only use it for /spawn, /home, and /sethome (for regular players.)

    What is groupspawn exactly? Is it just a third point to set or do you set it up so that only a certain group of players can teleport to it?
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    Our server has this issue now on 953. This started happening for us after upgrading from 935.
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    I'm attempting to tie in to SpawnControl, where my plugin will use the getHome method. Whenever I use the method, however, it seems to always return null. Do you have any idea why that is?
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    Is the global spawn feature one spawn per world or one universal spawn? So in other words can I have multiple global spawn points with multiple worlds?
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    Is it possible to make multiple homes ? (for groups)
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    Other question more important: Bed doesn't work with SpawnControl ? =/...

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    Does this make it to where NEW PLAYERS that havent been to my sever yet, when they log in they spawn on the EXACT block i place the spawn on? If not, what is the spawn area?
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    They will spawn on the exact x,y,z location that you define with the setspawn command, or default to the original spawn location if you have not yet used setspawn.
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    Can someone help me set-up the spawncontrol plugin for my server? I have MyHome and CommandBook which both use /home and /setspawn commands. Could they possibly be interfering?

    I have a spawn world that I want all new users to spawn into, and spawncontrol was the best choice as it has multiworld suppport. However, I can't figure out how to set it up (and TEST IT!) so that new players spawn to the spawnworld. I can give you a full list of plugins if thats helpful, but I'm a bit concerned its not operating as expected simply because there are quite a few overlapping commands between the plugins.

    Any pointers?

    Also. @Timberjaw. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if you used some typle of config.yml like other plugins for the sc_config parameters. Its incredibly tedious to change command and not very accommodating to just check your settings.
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    Show Spoiler
    This plugin seems to completely *stop* working after a while. At first I thought it was because of cooldown, but I've changed the values for it AND added the .exempt permission node. Console prints out appropriate sending/attempting to send messages when I try to do /spawn or /home, but it doesn't actually teleport me. It's worked with no problems previously, and it works perfectly right after a server I'm pretty stumped.

    I'm on CraftBukkit #996 currently, tried going back to #953 but it wiped out all the paintings and dogs on my server, so that's another can of worms [creeper]

    Edit: the issue I mentioned doesn't seem to be specific to this plugin, but to any others that require teleporting/warping.. it seems they just stop working after a player goes to sleep...[creeper]
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    On CB 953 everything works fine.. Dunno why you would goto 996
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    how do you make it so peaple can do everything but /setspawn
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    Tested and working with RB 1000.

    I know it's been forever since I've updated. Super busy with work; sorry.
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    Is this supposed to create a settings file somewhere?
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    @Bronski It stores its settings in the SpawnControl database. You can edit settings from in-game or by using the sqlite3 command line utility.
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    I use this plugin for a while now and I really like it.

    I have a little question/request, with worldguard 5.2 I can make a per region spawnpoint with a flag and I did that in the PvP areas on my server, however it doesn't work because SpawnControl send the players to the global spawnpoint instead.

    Is there something I can do about it ? I don't know if it's an issue due to WorldGuard or SpawnControl.

    If it's an issue from SpawnControl, can you please help me with this ?

    Thanks in advance. :)

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