Inactive [GEN] SelfPromote - Automatically Promotion [1.2.5-R5.0]

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    This plugin is developed by TutorialMakerHD and Hoppelmann. All Rights reserved. Never publish source code or something like that. Don't copy the plugin!

    Download & Other Informations
    Bukkit DEV

    Basic Description
    You don't want to promote every user manually? You can't be 24h online to promote guests when they come for example at night? Then is this the best plugin to help you. The new guests have to enter a secret password wich is for example on you homepage in the rules, but you can also create a [Promote] sign wich the guests have to find in the map.

    Supported Permission Systems:
    • EssentialsGroupManager
    • PermissionsEx
    • bPermissions
    • PermissionsBukkit
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    Nice I'll try this out when I get back from vacation.
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    Should be [GEN] please add a changelog of the last 3 versions
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    Ok i edited it can you add it to the plugin list?
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    I have a question, with the [Promote] Sign, do you need any more text under it to show which group they are getting promoted to? You don't have that part clarified.
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    Great plugin but I'm wondering how do you make 2 panel but not for the same grade.

    Thank you in advance
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    Great plugin!
    I will test it! :)
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    Awesome! Glad I found this. It'll help me so much. Thank you!
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    Gave up trying to do this. It said everytime ''You do not have enough permission to do that!''
    I use Group Manager and already wrote '''' in the config of Group Manager.
    I have no idea what to do now and looked on google and lots of people seem to have this problem, but I couldn't solve it so I thought the developer could help me.
    Thank you in advance [diamond]
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    Just the plugin i need!
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    could you make it so they are promoted after a certan time, so for exhample (this is what i'd like to do) if people are online the server for 5 hours, or sumin like that, they get promoted to member+
    that would make the plugin great :D

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