[GEN/SEC] EndermanPickup v0.2 - Simply blocking Endermans Place/Pickup [1185]

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    Version: v0.1
    Description: Simple blocking of Endermans Placing and Picking up of items.
    Required: OP

    • Disableing /Enabeling the Plugin with an command
    • Blocks Endermans Pickup/Place of Blocks

    • /ep - Enable / Disable the Plugin.

    Version 02
    • Removed permissions 3 Support. Default by Op.
    Version 0.1
    • Release.
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    so what does it do? I dont really understand what it does?
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    It blocks, that Enderman can place Blocks and can pickup blocks
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    Youre Great!

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    Thanks i've been walking around my server with blocks missing everywhere O_0
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    hm. I get "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command."
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    Please Read the first 4 Lines of the Start Post.
    My Plugin required Permissions 3
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    Sorry but Permissions 3.1.6 is inactive, or what Permission do you mean? Are you talking about Yeti's Permission?
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    Yes, i know that Perm. 3 is inaktiv, and i mean Perm 3.
    I will upadte the Plugin, that Default is by op if the server have no Permissions.
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    Plugin Updated!
    *Removed Permissions Support, Default by Op.
    Notice:This Plugin will not Updated to Minecraft 1.9! Endermans Pickup/place blocks will be removed!
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    One question.. if I do /ep it says EndermanPickup is disabled/enabled.. The status it says.. Is it the status of the Pluign or the status of the Enderman? So when it says EndermanPickup is disabled means that Endermans can't pick up blocks?
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    Guess What? This Plugin Did NOT Work On My Server... I Was Really Looking Forward To Using This... Thats A Shame...
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    Great plugin concept, though I hope that Endermen block-placing/destroying is actually removed, and that the code is of higher standard than your other plugin.

    Well, what do you know...doesn't work.:confused:
    **points upward at quote knowingly** what he said.
    I understand that this is one of your first plugins, and that you want my error log, etc...
    ...Oh, well, sorry, I honestly forgot to keep my log, as I usually delete my logs soon after restarting server... Honestly, I'm sorry about that.:oops:

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    Just a post of thanks. This seems to be working on my server. Cheers.
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    After plugin installation I am getting the following message (repeatedly) in my serverlog:

    time: [INFO] <worldname>

    Not sure if this is a plugin conflict, but I can list them out if that is the case.
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    what's the right formating for the config for more worlds. Like this?

    Plugin_Disabled: false
    Worlds: World_A, World_B
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    So I have to say it works perfectly fine here. WELL DONE!

    At all the people that are having problems.. If you type ingame chat /ep it needs to say EndermanPickup enabled. Then it will prevent the Enderman from picking items up
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    it wont work all 3 enderman plugins dont work ive tried two others i type ep thingy and it says enabled yet these dumb enderman keep taking an placing blocks please respond i really need help thanks for your work and effort to make it anyway :'(
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    On my server the jar works, idn whats wrong, pleas epost your plugins and serverlog (if there is an error)
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    Drei Gyuu

    in the config.yml is this the right format to have this on multiple worlds? thanks
    Plugin_Disabled: false
    Worlds: world1,world2,world3,world4
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    just what i needed! great job!
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    this plugin is awesome but it has a small ram leak :(! had to do a leak test on all the plugins on my server and this was one of them :(
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    Hm on my server it works without leaks..
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    How do you exactly check for leaks? Out of curiosity.
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    All Plugins disable and one enabled test one enable test .......
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    so if u type /ep and it says EndermanPickup is enabled, does that mean enderman can not pick up blocks/place them, or is the other way around
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    couldnt u just make it so that u dont have to enable or disable it? (make it alway enable)
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    on Default it is always enabled

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