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  1. check that your YAML (.yml) config file is using spaces instead of tabs!
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    i'm useing spaces instead of tabs
    would it be becouse i dount have groupmanger??
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    I dont get my prefixes and colors when i reload my server. I dont get any errors for permissions. here are my groups

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  4. no, i am not using GroupManager. im using permissions :p (its the only way i can promote users via my website even when the server is offline)

    Erm. could you post/attatch the config.yml ?
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    hi can i still use permissions 2.7.4 with essentials (on bukkit rb 1000) or do i have to change the permissions plugin?
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    • Added extra config switch for prefix/suffix: add-prefix-suffix: false
    Answer to the prefix problems.
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    Could someone tell me how to fix the problem with no-working command like /list or /msg ?
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    but firefox wouldnt let me upload a .yml so i changed it to .txt hope thats ok

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    there u go.

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  10. Okay, taking a look now :)
  11. Here you go :) all fixed. just a few small things, such as too many spaces in some parts. there was a ' missing too. that should solve it all. Also, if your not using GroupManager. to keep the user colours for inside Essentials enable "prefix-suffix" (change to "true"). Thats what i have, with Permissions 3.something
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    cool thanks so much
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    Running 2.5.5 and I cannot get the PermissionsEx prefixes to work anymore. No issues before 2.5 but adding that switch true or false was no help, same with change-displayname
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    Vincent Ha

    Okay I've been running the latest build for everything, and for a few days the server has been running fine but just earlier today all of my commands stopped working, for some strange reason right now the server is like half bukkit half vanilla. This has happened before and I couldn't fix it. Anybody wanna help? Like I can use /list but all the group names are white, when I type /help only the vanilla commands show up. I'm super confused and pissed off. I need help.
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    [removed by request]


    For players still experiencing the no tags/prefix's problem in 2.5.5, just add 'add-prefix-suffix: true' to the bottom of your essentials config.yml and reload. This will fix the problem.
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    is missing from the awesome dynamic super documentaion lol
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    with 2.5.5 and also trying 2.5.6 i cant destroy Blocks with signs on them. I did not set anything, i don't even use EssentialsProtect ("Protect all signs - false" having no effect) .
    I can destroy the blocks only after taking off the sign. How can i disable this?

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    My essentials plugins wont work i was in the online support and other people had same problem
    what wrong ?
    Theese won't work
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    When EssentialsChat is installed, /list will show the prefix/suffix colors of each group correctly.. However, without EssentialsChat installed, it will not show them in /list and only ops get a color.

    Is it possible to have the colors in /list without using EssentialsChat?

    I have this in the config:
    change-displayname: true
    add-prefix-suffix: true


    After a few /reloads, it seems to work now.. Interesting.
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    How to let players use /list or /msg ? Works only for OPs
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    essentials protection doesn't recognize signs being destroyed via superpickaxe

    give them essentials.list permission

    i had the same problem, it was a lot of issues
    permissions not properly reloading from actual files (instead using cache)
    and users having a very specific prefix rather than grabbing the prefix from the group.

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  23. no problem dude :)
    (thanks for joining my server too :p)

    add the new config to the end of your config file. or if its already there edit it. You are looking for "add-prefix-suffix" and set it to "true". exact same thing with me :p im using iChat instead

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    please add /okick to override essentials.kick.exempt
    op's who have the * permission can't kick other op's (in the case of extended afk / no response and need to either test sleeping or whatever)

    adding the "-essentials.kick.exempt" doesn't actually remove the permission even with * permission in permissions 3

    also, giving everyone the "essentials.sleepingignored" permission makes everyone teleport home when 1 person sleeps.

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    I still got problems with the /manuadd <User> <Builder>
    It worked for 2 days ago then this night it just turned off you know why ?

    i get this message
    2011-07-27 10:50:17 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\Essentials.jar' in folder 'plugins':
    while parsing a block collection
     in "<reader>", line 97, column 3:
          - '[1] Be respectful'
    expected <block end>, but found Scalar
     in "<reader>", line 100, column 38:
         ... [4] Duplication of other people's creations are not
    And its says that to all of my essentials plugins

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    server crashed wih follows logs.
    approx till line 12.000, but i copied only a part because the errors are in a loop

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    you can't use a ' symbol in the MOTD unless you replace the - ' msg msg msg ' with - " msg msg msg "
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    Does nobody else have this, or is it mandatory now? :(
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    Hey I am trying to disable essentials eco so my server can use iconomy but I dont know how can anyone help me
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    Thanks joeyismusic your gold worth!

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