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    How do i change the language of essentials??
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    where is the link where to download essentials?
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    how do you remove the dev version. the version i have is the lastest one you can down load of essentials. what else can it be. i have tried everything you have. im using 1.2.4 R01 and the 3/31/2012 release of essential.
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    Can i change someones title? like if i had a username Ex: Notch, make it be cool notch? but still make him be mod/op/admin?
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    I'm not sure. What are you trying to put on a sign? Buy/sell signs are working fine for me on the latest 1.2.4 RB and Essentials release (291). I don't use the other types though. Maybe it's a permissions issue? You do need some to create them (unless OP possibly) and to use them.
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    im using the 1.2.4-R01 RB and the 291 release also. i took all the # from the sign area of the config. I am op'd in the game cuse i can fly and get and item. i also put myself on the OP list manually. What is the permissions thing? Is that the same as being op'd? or is there something else i need to do with it?
  8. Hello, I uploaded to youtube a video tutorial helpful for Spanish users. This way you canprevent people do absurd questions.

    Take a look, tell me if you like and if so you can put in bukkit dev

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    Is it possible to change config so players can use /kit only one time?
    and no couldnt find anything in config
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    Hello, I came here to both warn and inform, after I suffered a lot with the essentialsplugin (it was the server is restarting) studied a lot and found the problem, it turns out that my host is Brazilian, he recognized the essentials and used RestartingPortuguese translation as well, and deleted all left translations in English, and solved.
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    Mr Washington

    Hello, Group Manager just stopped working for me. I am using McMyAdmin to set and manage groups and it was working fine until last night. Now whenever I use McMyAdmin or in-game commands it says GroupManager is Disabled, yet in the plugin list it is clearly enabled. How do I go about fixing this?

    EDIT: Only is I use McMyAdmin does it say its disabled. I get this when i try a command in game: [SEVERE] null
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'mangaddp' in plugin GroupManager v1.9 (2.9.1) (Phoenix)
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    i have McMyAdmin and Permissionsbukkit. What is the new ingame command to add users to group since essentials disabled it?
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    Hey guys, since i installed the essentials plugin i get an error when i try to use tmi. something about how and enchantment cannot be used on this itemstack or something
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    I like to use TooManyItems when spawning in items, mainly just because it's faster than having to type the item value in all the time and constantly changing from survival mode to creative. However, whenever I try to spawn in an item, I get in the chat box the message "Error: Specified enchantment cannot be applied to this itemstack". I know it's the Essentials.jar because I've tested playing with and without it. Could someone please help me? I don't know what to do and the code is overwhelming.
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    Same Problem, thanks for reporting it :)
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    in the TooManyItems page u will see this :
    so in your folder where the MC is installed which is :
    u will see a file called : TooManyItems.txt edit that file and change
    give-command:/give {0} {1} {2} {3} to what the image says give-command:/item {1}:{3} {2}
    and that should do eet XD i know it happens to all of us that we dont read the whole thing ! lol
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    It's like OP but a lot more customizable: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/permissionsex/

    It will take some configuring (and figuring out), but most of the plugins here have permissions you can give out to people to let them do certain commands (or not). Figuring that out will take your admin/server game to the next level, but some people stumble and give up or flat-out refuse to even try. Good luck :)
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    thanks soo much :D
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    Like zorcan1 said, thank you!
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    Since updating essentials to latest recommended build for 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 nicknames no longer appear in the [tab] player list.
    This is extremely odd, is it a bug introduced from fracturing off color code nickname permissions?
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    Please help me - how do i add mulitple enchantments to the kit starters? so i can make a god kit for my donators i have it so it they have god swords eg; fireaspect:2;sharpness:6 ect
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    Someone know how to have the /who or /list when you connect to the server ?
    since i update to a new version of essentials , i dont have the list of connected players when i join the server :/
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    How about a Wiki for all of this. So we can have some Tables for these commands and Config settings. This plugin is Massive and someone new to plugin's would have problems with it I think a Wiki page for this would help a lot.
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    Hello! The /fly doesn't really work for me. I got the permission node and everything, and the command works, but when I double tap spacebar nothing happens.
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    i think there is a wiki, try the links at the top
    Orly essentialsteam ?
    2.9.1 is ready for version 12.5?
    I think you forgot a period in there somewhere
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    I noticed that when I added a warmup (teleport-delay) to teleports for users, I could no longer instantly teleport people as admin (with /tphere). If they move, it cancels. I usually try to be nice and use /tpahere, but I just think that I should always and instantly be able to move someone as admin if I go direct with /tphere. I keep having people say, "oops, re-try, I was moving," which is getting infuriating :/

    I'm thinking of a griefer scenario mostly, of course :)
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    Idea :
    • Save the folder "userdata" into a MySQL database. For stats on a website, reduce disc latence and can use by other plugins.
    • NoCaSeSeNsItIvE with /whois
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    When can we see a beta build of the Essentialsanticheat with working permissions?
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    how do i Set Permissions For Certain groups to warp to ???
    So only 1 group can warp to it but another cant ??

    I am using Permissions EX

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