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    so ive downloaded the new essentials.jar for 1.2. the permissions were messed up as non-op's couldnt use the same ones they could for the 1.1 essentials (i had never once messed with the config).

    so i went into the config for the first time, and found all of the permissions, it said all the commands not listed were op only yet players that WERENT op could use SOME but not others.

    ive downloaded permissionsEx but its also messing up and not working right, i was hoping some on here could just help me get essentials working like it was without permissions.

    ive now tried adding the # infront of the section that sets the permissions for non-op's. it seems to have completely disconnected all those commands and they arent even registered as commands even more.

    ive taken out all plugins but the latest 1.2 version of essentials, (dev) this has narrowed it down to a problem with the essentials config itself which may be a possible bug in the dev build.

    and now everything works today. not sure why but it seems all in order.
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    Anyone know of a way to allow non builders to open and close doors?
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    Patch 1.2.3 plz
    add effects :d
    /effect 1
    /effect 2
    /effect 3


    /fireball work /fb too
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    I've set the spawn on my server in a small house on the side of a tree up in the jungle canopy using /setspawn with this plugin.
    When someone uses /spawn they appear exactly where the should which is fine, HOWEVER, when a new player joins that's never been on the server, they spawn outside the little house (to the side of it) and fall to the jungle floor rather than spawning inside.

    Can anyone provide any help with this?
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    there is a setting in the config where new players spawn in the original spawnpoint, just go into your config, find it and change it.
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    When will the MineCraft 1.2 update be out? I need to let players on my server know how long it will be down.
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    i neeeeed this to be updated, the old one crashes my server every 2min so i had to delete it
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    This is stupid Nice COmmands but really buggy
    When a OP logs out and logs back in They are still op
    When A moderator Or Under logs out and logs in they are back to default/nonbuilder
    This is fucking annoying please fix it if you dont you fucking suck
    I use AuthMe and it still happens witout it
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    it is in the dev stage of 1.2 and ive also been experiencing bugs that werent in the earlier versions, just give it a few days.
  11. How do i make the signs coloured and able to sell & buy things?

    This is the config.yml for my server

    Thanks hantoo
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    You need to update to 1.2!
  13. So what after that?
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    Hey whilst actually updating to 1.2, could you possibly add a feature in for EssentialsEco.

    * Make a true/false switch for the Eco for essentials, if that makes any sense.
    I wish to disable Essentials Eco on my server, I wish to be using Iconomy instead And im not sure how to link the ./bal to the ./money

    So if theres no hastle, whilst updating can you add this feature in. It would be a huge great help, :D

    - Toddus
    Pnscraft Minecraft server

    Edit: I just read the 'Please don't post your problems or feature suggestions here - we can't keep track of them, and we will most likely not respond. Talk to us live in #essentials via irc.esper.net, or file a support ticket on Assembla. You don't have to register there.' DURP! :X
    2nd edit:

    I can't go to either of them help!

    Well Isn't that just rude, I ignorant little whiny bitch can't get his own way so he has to say that you suck if they can't get it works, 1.2 Just came out, give them time you douche bag, Who's the one that sucks now Totoro, Cause I don't think you have ever made a plugin such as this before, So you better shut your mouth, so ignorant.

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    2.8.3 works for me on MC 1.2.3 why is ppls saying it doesnt work ? am i missing something ? XD
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    plz update for 1.2.2 soon i love this plugin :)
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    for 1.2.2 ? lol something is going on here lol *facepalm
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    /thru doesnt work for Minecraft 1.2 It worked with 1.1. It says the command is unknown
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    where can i download essentials dev version 2.9.1 ?
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    Nice Plugin :D. But I can't use it in the Pre-release of Bukkit 1.2.3 like the last time. But I can wait...
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    Why does my config.yml look so weird when I open it? It doesn't appear like the ones I've seen.
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    Why doesn't Economy doesn't work? The [Buy] Signs do not work! Please help me!
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    Does not explode even though "Nuke" command use. Please lower explosion TNT height. Sorry,bad English.
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    yer same here can't get on it for three days now :(
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    need help...live chat is "504 Gateway Time-Out"

    why u guys using that stupid tiny.cc link :(

    anyway, how do i reset all players money without erasing their other datas ?
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    The plugin doesn't work at all for me on MC 1.2! I updated my Bukkit server and everything. And now every time I type in a command it doesn't work. Does it need to be updated to use? How come so many other people are having no problems! I am such a noob at this server stuff, please help!
    By the way: If i download a new essentials and delete my old one, will i lose my spawn point and home point?
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    hope you'll update soon!
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    502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.

    There is a problem with the page you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. When the Web server (while acting as a gateway or proxy) contacted the upstream content server, it received an invalid response from the content server.

    Are you kidding me? I can't download the newest files?! I need them.. fast.. any alternative downlaod site?
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    Same here
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    Please make the Essentials Dev Site Work! I need the Plugin :S

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