[GEN] PlgEssentials v5.0 - time, give, tp, tphere, etc. [1.4]

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    PlgEssentials - Essential commands for Plague's server:
    Version: v5.0

    I made this plugin for my own private server to have some basic commands under control.

    As in all my plugins, you can now edit the name of commands in plugin.yml.

    This will never support any permissions system, it is aimed at people using ops.txt.
    If you want them, there is a fork called AdminCmd.

    /time day|night|dusk|dawn|<raw> OR /day
    /i OR /item (id|name) [count] [damage] [player]
    /tp (player)
    /s OR /tphere (player)
    /location OR /loc
    /c OR /color (colorid|colorname)
    /msg (player) (private message)
    /strike [player]
    /weather (off|calm|rain|snow|storm) [duration]
    /mob (name)
    /setmode (survival|creative|s|c)

    Note: the creature names for /mob are CamelCase (e.g. Chicken, PigZombie). I *have* reasons for that, sorry.

    Download (source code in the .jar)
    Op-only version


    Version 5.0:
    • updated to new bukkit API
    Version 4.7:
    • added /setmode command to change game mode for the caller.
    Older versions (open)

    Version 4.6:
    • added /repair command to repair any item in hand (watch out for colorables)
    Version 4.5:
    • added /mob (name) command to spawn monsters and animals
    Version 4.4:
    • fixed a bug in /msg (thanks DoodoM)
    Version 4.3:
    • /strike [player] - strikes a player with lightning (if no player given, strikes where your crosshair points)
    • /weather (off|calm|rain|snow|storm) [duration] - turn off weather (always sunny) or sets weather for a given amount of seconds (or default: 5m of bad weather 15m of good weather)
    Version 4.2:
    • fixed a bug in /item for other players (thanks Dark_Balor)
    Version 4.1:
    • /item can give to others, optional parameter [player]
    Version 4.0:
    • uses onCommand, CB 454+ compatible
    • you can edit all command names in plugin.yml/aliases:
    • added /msg command for private messages
    • code optimization
    Version 3.5:
    • added /more command (fills your hand with 64 items of what you are holding)
    • removed other features than commands (moved to PlgMisc)
    Version 3.4:
    • fixed a (possibly dangerous) bug in nick coloring
    Version 3.3:
    • fixed a bug when after respawn your name is not colored anymore
    • added coloring of slabs and doubleslabs (stone, cobblestone, sandstone, wood)
    Version 3.2:
    • Minecraft 1.3 compatible, craftbukkit 432 (actually no change needed for this)
    • slight internal code changes
    Version 3.1:
    • Updated to new craftbukkit API (300)
    Version 3.0:
    • updates for new craftbukkit API (232)
    • /item now takes block names
    • added /color to change color of wool, dyes and logs
    Version 2.2
    • bugfixes
    Version 2.1
    • Added /day alias for /time day
    • Added Login message telling how many players are on the server
    • Reformatted /location output to ## N, ## E, ## H (north, east, height)
    • Added /location line "Facing W/NW/N/NE/E/SE/S/SW"
    Version 2.0
    • added /s alias
    • new name matching
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    I chose not to make a special list because:
    1. current way is bukkit-update-safe, meaning that even if bukkit changes block names I do not have to update anything
    2. my plugins are trying to be barebone, the less the better
    3. parsing the file and such is another thing I would have to do (which IS easy) and test every update (which is boring as hell)
    So yeah, if I didn't code the whole day at work and had more spare time, I'd add a personalized item name list. But I am coding the whole day, so that's a no :)
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    *sad faic* That's a major fault for me... if it weren't for the fact that this had a sh*tton of other stuff I love, I'd uninstall it and get another /give substitute plugin... as it is... if I delete what's in the code below from the plugin.yml file within the jar file, will that stop the /i function from doing anything to interfere with a new plugin that does the same exact thing, plus the features I want? If not, what will?
        description: Gives the player item of choice. You can specify someone else as the player.
        aliases: [i,item]
        usage: /<command> (name|id) [amount] [damage] [player]
    (I'll take another stab at trying to convince you... lol) Also, as far as testing every update goes... well you've got a whole community of players who will use your updated plugin as soon as there IS an update, and they'll instantly tell you if something is wrong. As far as I know, plugins don't really need to change much after most updates. I get away with not update many of my plugins every time a new recommended build comes out. If something does go wrong, you'll get like 5 replies suddenly that all say more or less the same thing. So in reality, while it's nice for the developer to test everything himself... it's really not necessary. The community will do it for you. After all, this is all volunteer work, right? XD I mean, because of that, I at least appreciate what all of the developers do.
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    It should work like you suggested, I only tested removing the "aliases:" line, that leaves /plg_item active, while it removes /item and /i

    And take as many stabs as you like :D
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    T_T Do you get my point though? You don't really have to do your own testing, thus it's not much work for you at all to include this file.
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    This is by far the best thing anybody has done regarding plugins for Bukkit.
    Hardly any developers make it so you can edit the commands which is one of the main plugin conflict issues.

    All developers reading this post, please take note of this simple option as it's very very helpful.

    :D Thanks for your plugins. I am making good use of a couple of them. :D
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    Actually all plugins are capable of it, but it's true that most developers use the command directly and do not utilize aliases.
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    If anyone is curious as to how to make this plugin work with TooManyItems I found the code

    /i {1} {2} {3} {0}

    Just thought that I would post that on here for the heck of it.
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    I don't know that one, but if you want to use /i from toomanyitems (just guessing here), then delete "aliases:" line in plugin.yml in PlgEssentials.jar
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    how come i can't type "/i cooked porckchop" when i have used Cooked Porckchop, cooked_porkchop and Cooked_Porkchop as well????
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    Emiya Shirou

    What are the differences between this download

    Download (source code in the .jar)
    and this Op only one?

    Op-only version

    I downloaded second cuss i want ops only to use it, did i make right choice?
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    Yes, the OP only version does not give any commands to non-op players.
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    Thanks heaps for a great no nonsense plugin.

    <sarcasm> When do you plan on supporting permissions? </sarcasm>
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    op only verison does not work, other players can do the commands such as /i diamond 025720875208375230857
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    You just wasted my time.
    I downloaded the OP version from the first post. Started a server with the plugin freshly downloaded, deopped myself and I cannot give myself anything.

    You did something wrong.
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    1. Download
    2.Put in folder
    3.I tryed on my friends server and every1 can give them selves items

    We even tryed to deop me did not help. And i downloaded the _op only version. Does not work on hes server!
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    same for me... i have stopped using essentials becuase of this
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    And have you tried using ONLY this plugin to test if any other is interfering?
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    Same for me, so i am using the other essentials instead.

    Also, this plugin is missing the "Features" Section
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    hart to tell what's wrong when it works for me..

    And what would you put in such "features" section?
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    Personally I would add a short description of each command.

    • Set World Time
    • Spawn Items With Data Values
    • Easy Teleportation
    • A new PlayerList
    • Easily find your Location
    • Use color in chat
    • Message players
    • Send lightning upon other players
    • Control the weather
    • Spawn Mobs!
    • Repair Items!
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    /time, /msg <player>, /weather are so cryptic right? :D
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    Is there any way to make the /item command drop the item in front of the player like the /give command?
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    Any chance of it, because I use toomanyitems to give items, and it has the inventory open when you give them, but this causes the items to not show up in my inventory until I log out and in of the server.
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    I use TMI and this in conjuction as well. Zero errors on my part.

    I love this plugin; cannot imagine SMP without it anymore.
    +1, like, respect, retweet, digg, or whatever other social thing you use.
    Edit; here is the line you need to configure in your TMI config;
    give-command:/item {1} {2} {3} {0}
    Since this is the format plgessentials uses.
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    I wanted to ask if you can add the comand /god
    so server users can use the command to enable godmode. :)
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    You have PlgNoHealth for that
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    Don't you mean "DWTFYWPL"?
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    The acronym is what you posted, but the license is called the short name AFAIK

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