[GEN] PlgEssentials v5.0 - time, give, tp, tphere, etc. [1.4]

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    PlgEssentials - Essential commands for Plague's server:
    Version: v5.0

    I made this plugin for my own private server to have some basic commands under control.

    As in all my plugins, you can now edit the name of commands in plugin.yml.

    This will never support any permissions system, it is aimed at people using ops.txt.
    If you want them, there is a fork called AdminCmd.

    /time day|night|dusk|dawn|<raw> OR /day
    /i OR /item (id|name) [count] [damage] [player]
    /tp (player)
    /s OR /tphere (player)
    /location OR /loc
    /c OR /color (colorid|colorname)
    /msg (player) (private message)
    /strike [player]
    /weather (off|calm|rain|snow|storm) [duration]
    /mob (name)
    /setmode (survival|creative|s|c)

    Note: the creature names for /mob are CamelCase (e.g. Chicken, PigZombie). I *have* reasons for that, sorry.

    Download (source code in the .jar)
    Op-only version


    Version 5.0:
    • updated to new bukkit API
    Version 4.7:
    • added /setmode command to change game mode for the caller.
    Older versions (open)

    Version 4.6:
    • added /repair command to repair any item in hand (watch out for colorables)
    Version 4.5:
    • added /mob (name) command to spawn monsters and animals
    Version 4.4:
    • fixed a bug in /msg (thanks DoodoM)
    Version 4.3:
    • /strike [player] - strikes a player with lightning (if no player given, strikes where your crosshair points)
    • /weather (off|calm|rain|snow|storm) [duration] - turn off weather (always sunny) or sets weather for a given amount of seconds (or default: 5m of bad weather 15m of good weather)
    Version 4.2:
    • fixed a bug in /item for other players (thanks Dark_Balor)
    Version 4.1:
    • /item can give to others, optional parameter [player]
    Version 4.0:
    • uses onCommand, CB 454+ compatible
    • you can edit all command names in plugin.yml/aliases:
    • added /msg command for private messages
    • code optimization
    Version 3.5:
    • added /more command (fills your hand with 64 items of what you are holding)
    • removed other features than commands (moved to PlgMisc)
    Version 3.4:
    • fixed a (possibly dangerous) bug in nick coloring
    Version 3.3:
    • fixed a bug when after respawn your name is not colored anymore
    • added coloring of slabs and doubleslabs (stone, cobblestone, sandstone, wood)
    Version 3.2:
    • Minecraft 1.3 compatible, craftbukkit 432 (actually no change needed for this)
    • slight internal code changes
    Version 3.1:
    • Updated to new craftbukkit API (300)
    Version 3.0:
    • updates for new craftbukkit API (232)
    • /item now takes block names
    • added /color to change color of wool, dyes and logs
    Version 2.2
    • bugfixes
    Version 2.1
    • Added /day alias for /time day
    • Added Login message telling how many players are on the server
    • Reformatted /location output to ## N, ## E, ## H (north, east, height)
    • Added /location line "Facing W/NW/N/NE/E/SE/S/SW"
    Version 2.0
    • added /s alias
    • new name matching
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    Yup, see the changelog.
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    this plugin isnt letting the ppl who arnt admins do /sethome. is this because i have permissions? how can i fix this?
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    There is no /sethome command.
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    man, i bypassed this post several times thinking isnt there enough general commands addons. This one really has exactly what you need, With nothing you dont. Just perfect
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    Thanks! :)
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    like how do i describe this plugin. Lag is gone from my server, no conflicts, every command works without having to worry about case sensitive or complete names. This was well tested.

    1 thing, when typing /i diamondpick or /i diamondpickaxe, it doesnt recognize them. What names do you have for the items. Of course i could use the item numbers but dont feel like looking them up :D
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    Oh those names are taken directly from bukkit. They use underscore "_" instead of spaces and "wood" is actually "log", but otherwise everything is just minecraft-wiki naming I think.

    So in your case /i diamond_pick (or ...pickaxe? not sure exactly now).
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    how to disable the login message, I am currently using Mcdocs.

    Or change it would be fine
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    That's hardcoded actually, it is true that it should be independent of basic command,s but making plugin that just gives this login message looked bad to me also. And sice I primarily make the plugin for my server I'm not inclined to remove the message either, sorry.
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    The 3.1 OP version still says
    PlgEssentials version 3.0 is enabled!
    in the server log
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    Oh, looks like a typo on my part, everything should work on 300 CB, will fix in the next update.
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    many thanks for this PERFECT plugin! with general remaining not updated for some reasons and essentials getting more and more buggy and bloated this is just what my 90% vanilla server needs: some basic admin commands - to use in dire situation
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    Any way to make the login message not say "world" that's the only thing I could say about this plugin that isnt perfect.

    Thanks again for you work!
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    That'S the name of the world :)
    By default it is called "world", so if you rename the folder and change the name in the server.properties you will get anything you want it to be called in the message.
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    This needs permissions support bad! Whenever someone comes in my server, they try /i and they get whatever they want! Please fix!
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    No, it doesn't. Use the OP version and only OPs will be able to use it. There are many other plugins using permissions which sucks for many people.
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    This is now one of my favorite plug-ins, so nice and simple. Thanks!
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    This is an awesome plug in! Its perfect for my little server, which is pretty much just like yours (for me and maybe like two or three friends). It was annoying trying to figure out permissions and such when it wouldve made no difference at all...and it didnt even work! This plug in makes me so happy.I love being able to change the time of day again, and using NAMES instead of id for getting items.

    Only question, I am a bit confused on the whole [damage] thing for /i.
    Lets say I wanted a diamond shovel... I tried a multitude of different ways of typing it before I gave up.. How would I type that in?
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    Okay I don't know the name from the top of my head, so I'll use ID...
    /i 277 1 32
    where 32 is the damage.
    Now the damage is there actually for wool/dye/log where the damage is used to set the actual color. It works as a damage setter, but the value varies depending on the material and blocktype and stuff and I really never used it for it :)
    Or if you have problems typing the actual shovel name, the names shoud be like on the wiki but using underscore instead of space.
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    Could you change the /s command to somthing else, the stackable pluggin doesn't work if its /s
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    And force all others to relearn it? Not really.
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    could you make it just for me?
    (dont realy have to if your bussy)
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    Oh, I can send you the changed plugin in a PM... just finish something I'm doing right now.
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    would be perfect... maby you could tell me how to change that myself.. so i can do it again when you have an update... so i don't have to botter you. :p
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    This plugin is absolutely amazing! Just one question though, when I use the /item command, the inventory is not immediately updated, and still shows nothing. It's there, I just have to guess which slot it is in and click on it so it'll appear. Is there a way to immediately update the inventory client-side?
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    For me it shows imidiatly.. so think thats a problem caused by you...

    (i use build 339)
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    How do i give my self minerals. they only one i'm able to give myself is diamond. When ever I try to get something iron it says "unknown material iron"
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 3:47 PM ---
    i figured it out now, but how do i give stuff to other people who are far away from me?
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    This happens to me from time to time, but after the client is restarted (the program I mean) everything works for a few days, some king of a bug...

    This plugin does not take care of it, you can use the original /give <player> <ID> command though (no names there).
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    I knew it was a client glitch, just wondering if there was a workaround. Restarting the client doesn't fix it for me though. Ah well.
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    another question, can you spawn a monster/animal spawner?

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