[GEN] playerList v0.1 - List all players online [798]

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    playerList: a simple plugin for listing players.

    Version: v0.1

    For list players online, type /whoisonline or just /online. The simplest plugin ever. 0.2 lines of code.

    • List online players
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    Version 0.1
    • Uploaded the plugin
    Ps: I searched but if there are others plugins for the same thing sorry.
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    can u add nodes for permissions
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    Add /who. That's the simplest.
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    /online is a bit long for me.. can you make it /o?
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    Could you add /players

    could you also add permissions

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    Can someone take over for this plugin or make one that can this? I need one for server so people can see how many is online on my website

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