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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ciarian, Jul 9, 2011.

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    OMG lag - Another lag measuring plugin
    Version: v1.0

    This is the first plugin i have ever made so its not gonna be incredible. Its very basic all you have to do it type /omglag and after that a message should appear "pray to notch that the lag will end" this should help your users see if they are lagging or not by how long it takes the message to turn up. Its just like a pong command just abit more fun. It not amazing so dont expect the best thing ever made

    • Measures lag (in a way)
    • Simple easy command /omglag
    Download the plugin

    To-do list:
    • Add color
    • Not much else
    Changelog: Version 1.0:
    • Released plugin
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    Tim Visee

    "pray to notch that the lag will end" :D
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    public void onPlayerQuit(PlayerQuitEvent event)
    Player player event.getPlayer();
    Server server player.getServer();
    server.broadcastMessage("&bOMG Lagg by ciarian has started up");
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    true, true.
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    i need to change that its messed up ill do it now


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    bukkit.org/deadfly.php ? wtf
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    This guy is shady. I don't like this.

    deadfly.php kills adfly links by going directly to the link. This guy tried to post an adfly link.
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    No reason to make a simple as that:confused:
    Here's my idea, if errors more than 2, show text errors:
    getServer().broadcastMessage(ChatColor.RED + "" + "[Server]:" + "Server lagging" + "Blah Blah Server will be restarting!")
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    i used a adfly link ? i just pasted from mediafire
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    Use dropbox instead of adfly
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    ok when do i know if ivebeen aproved or not
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    lol just wait ... it will take a while. plugin submissions dont usually start till Wednesday night.
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    You will not get approved if a mod does not like your plugin and/or the post. Changes may have to be made. Your link goes against the rules of this forum #1. It will only block the link if it has adf.ly/ in it, so obviously you intended to post a ad fly link. Me personally, dislike this mod as just Chatting serves as a lag test. Also, many other plugins have this already included. Except it is more organized
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    well sorry its my first plugin dude
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    Completely useless. People can just type "-" or anything to measure lag, as they won't see their own chat messages before server sends them back to them.
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    take it easy on the kid. im jealous becuase ive been coding since january and i havent figured out how to make a onCommand and he makes it in like a day or to. I believe when you send a message it will show up instantly on your side *client* but sending commands require it go through the server. so this actually has great use to it. maybe @ciarian you could add a way to get the ping and send it back to the player. Also try and grab location/internet source.

    BTW download link doesnt work.

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    Why do you believe that messages show instantly clientside, when I just stated the contrary? Go test it yourself if you can't take me for a credible source.
    My statement stands, completely useless.

    Also, you can just copypaste onCommand method from the wiki. It's that easy.
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    I agree, I believe this is another attempt to get the Plugin Developer tag as quick as possible by creating a completely useless plugin.

    Please remember, no flaming.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Just thought I'd say, if nothing else, this plugin prevents the chat from looking like this:

    Miner23: this lag is really bad
    Crafter54: anyone else lagging?
    Miner67: LAAAAAAAAG
    Crafter89: I'm not lagging.
    Miner998: LLLLAAAAAAAAGGGGG!!!!!!
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    No need to be a jerk to the guy. It's his first plugin.
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    I completely agree, Even if this is his first plugin, i feel little effort if any has been put into this. Might as well just type "hello" and wait for how long until it appears to measure lag.

    Also, this hasn't been updated since his original post (or within a day er two from it)

    I am coming out with a new plugin, all you do is type /rage and it displays the message "u mad bro". I am calling it omg rage. I expect plugin dev title and this to be moved to releases.

    Honestly, Look in my sig (Post # 18) That plugin that i made didn't earn me a Plugin Dev Title, but this? Moderators, where arth thou!
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    I'm looking for/have an idea for a plugin like this, but checks the latency of each player and allows you to kick any players over a set latency. But very nice work on this one. Way better then having to be in cmd to make the pong mean something.​
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    Hah I'm not gonna troll since this is your first plugin, but explain to me how this measures lag at all? How do you know when the message shows up on the players screen? They won't know when you sent the message and you won't know when they received the message correct? All it does is send a message. Lag isn't really measured for anyone but the person that issues the command correct?
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    Can you add somthing like a Timer that Says how much lag you have in SECONDs like
    User: /omglag
    Server: pray to notch that the lag will end
    Server: You have x.xxx Seconds of lag!\
    if you do i WILL download and install this plugin ASAP! :)
    also nice job with your first plugin!
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    I just love it because it's useless and fun to play with when I'm bored

    and it just died on me :(
    D: D: D: D:

    needs update please I miss this plugin WHAAAAA

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