Inactive [GEN/MISC] DisableTNT v1.2 - Disable TNT, Anti Grief [1.2.5-R3.0]

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    DisableTNT v1.2 - Disable TNT, Anti Grief [1.2.5-R3.0]

    Version: v1.2.5-R3
    [DropBox] Download:


    Wanna play on a nice Faction/PVP server? then maybe you should try out the server that is called MCStars!
    Why i recommend it and how i can know that it is so good is because i am working as PluginMaker there:)
    Recommend this server strongly! IP:

    This is my first made plugin and with this you can disable TNT just like other plugins. You can give peolpe
    permissions to let them put down TNT or you just let OP[Operators] have that fun... Operators dont need permissions to put down TNT but if you wanna give your players like example: Members you can give them the permission to put TNT down. You can see trough the console if someone trying to put down a TNT but you can only see who if you are online!. I have updated so there is more color:) but sorry right now my Plugin doesent support Permission anymore!
    • Permission:
      * DisableTNT.allow-tnt - For person you want to have access to put down TNT.
    • No Config
    • No commands
    • permission
    To do:
    • More Permission access Notify the server who put down a TNT
    • You want sometime? write on comment.
    • Fix with Color

    Version 1.2
    For 1.2.5 Recommended Build!
    • Finally, the plugin has been updated to the newest Recommended Build by Bukkit!
    • I removed permission because I accidently erased everything...
    • More Color and also if you are online and are OP you can see who that is trying to put down a TNT!
    • Console will now say if someone is trying to put down a TNT!
    • Just saying!: Welcome back DisableTNT:D
    Version 0.3
    For 1.0.1 Recommended Build
    • New Text when placing DisabledTNT: TNT is not enable for you!
    • Remove old text when placing DisableTNT:
      TNT is not allowed on this server!
    Version 0.1
    For ???
    • Release of DisableTNT
    • access to Permission
    • Awsome plugin getting Borned!
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    Things you need to do to get this into the plugin releases section:
    1. Dev-Bukkit page.
    2. Change the Bukkit version in your title from [1.0] to [1.0.0-R1].

    1. Dropbox download link instead of Mediafire.
    2. Pictures/Videos

    1. What permissions system is this plugin compatible with?
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    care to explain how your plugin might use less ram than the other six thousand anti-TNT plugins?
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    Please update to latest rb, format is [1.1-R4]
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    I am so keeping that picture, this is now inactive btw
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    DisableTNT is now updated to latest RB [1.2.5-R3]
    Thanks for waiting!
    Reason why it has been so late updated from 1.0.1 to 1.2.5 is because i deleted the files...
    but now i have fixed it again and it is working!.
    Changelog has been updated!
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    Moved back to active plugins.
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    Thanks very much:)
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    Hey, I've just set up a server and i need plugins but don't know how. It'd be cool if someone can kinda guide me through.

    Oh, never mind links at top :) lol.

    Does anyone know why when i try to open from link at top, when i press open on it, it says check console for possible errors. That has happened a lot with other things to.

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    I dont really know what you are talkign about does it have something to do with my plugin? Dont really understand what you are meaning:p

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