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    Damage Control - Allows admin to adjust difficulty through damage
    Version: b.4

    A plugin that allows the admin/server host to adjust their server's difficulty by adjusting how much damage is dealt in difficult situations. Currently, this is a Work In Progress and I will update as quickly as possible (I will work on this in my free time) and will try to get this into a good order as soon as I can. Any suggestions should be posted in the comments below.

    NOTICE: this plugin is called "Damage Control" because it's goal is to control how much damage is inflicted when an specific kind of damage occurs. Anything suggestions not necessarily pertaining to this goal will be considered spam and ignored.

    • Set damage multiplier for both players and other entities
    • Different multiplier for combat and other damage (burning, falling, sneezing, ect.)
    • Set multiples for different Worlds
    • Control how much Zombies Hurt
    • <TBA>
    Because this plugin yet has a way to write new settings to old settings files, this will be the guide to what can be in a settings file:

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    player-combat-multiple= : Damage multiple for when players are damaged by combatic means
    entity-combat-multiple= : Damage multiple for when non-players are damaged by combatic means
    player-multiple= : Damage multiple for when players are damaged by non-combatic means
    entity-multiple= : Damage multiple for when non-players are damaged by non-combatic means

    zombie-attack-damage= : The damage dealt by a zombie hug. This number should be in the number of hearts.
    zombie-combat-multiple= : Damage multiple for when zombies are attacked. (all other multiples are neglected when this one is used)
    zombie-multiple= : Damage multiple for when zombies are hurt non-combatically (such as daylight)

    Source: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22202470/DamageControl.zip

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    Version b.4
    • Added zombie numbers (brains)
    Version b.3
    • Set to <World>.damage to support multi-world
    Version b.2
    • Different multiple for combat and other damages
    Version b.1
    • multiple for players and entities

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    lol xD
    i read your mind because i am setting up a huge multi-world server and nothing would be better than to make "Wild" worlds where you can go to gather resources. with an increased risk of course which would be this plugin
    And along the same lines there could be safe and normal worlds. So this would be the perfect plugin for that :D
    anyway, i'm looking forward to it :D
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    Oh oh, a great feature would be the ability to make monsters do more damage at night, or some time period. :)
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    Different night-day damage is planned.
    I do have a plan to allow extensions to the plugin, so other time-length controls could be available easily.
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    Update for #733 please!
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    Seems to be working without any updates :) yay
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    Would love to be able to increase damage for Monsters (the hacked in mob that looks like your default skin)
    I really want to add in some sort of 'boss' creature that does extra damage, and the monster mob would fit perfectly. But alas, it hits like a girl atm.

    I don't want to increase the other mobs damage, just the monster.
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    1) what are you using to get the monster in game? Plugin? Mod? I need to know so that I can best support it.
    2) Individual mob damage controls is coming. I just need to set it up :p.
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    This plugin descended straight from heaven! =D

    The only thing I can suggest to make it better (in my humble opinion, at least) is to separate the 'other damage types' into their own categories. (The only thing I wanted to reduce was falling damage, not damage by burning etc)
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    Please update this for 766 (or test it with with 766) ... please also make multiworld support as I hear you are planning ... ALSO please make DIFFERENT MOB DAMAGE MULTIPLIER FOR DIFFERENT PERMISSIONS GROUPS! THANKS!
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    I am currently in the middle of finals preparation, and don't have time now, but once finals are over, a lot of work is going to be put into ALL my plugins.

    oh, and I like the permissions idea. The only thing is I know there is Permissions and Groups and a ton of plugins to do that. I need to find the one that most people use and support that one.
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    I'm curious if it would be possible to reduce the effectiveness of armor.
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    cb 677 - inactive
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    I would go with Permissions and then if people have Group Manager they can use the bridge plugin for compatibility. I can't even find Group Manager in the list, to figure out which is more popular. Sorry!
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    I'm sure I can as long as I create an if statement to find the armor configuration.
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    Can we use 0.5 for the multiplier? Or must we use whole numbers?
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    All multipliers are Doubles, so you can use any decimal. 0.5, 0.25, and 0.001 are all valid (but if you set the multiple too low, it will usually just act like 0 :p). the damage values (the only one so far is so zombies) are limited to multiples of 0.5. Maybe I should put that in the description :p
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    When you say "Entity" what are they? I figured if would be items such as TNT and cactus. Also, when I saw this mod, I hoped that 'entity' included mine carts. It seems logical that a mine cart would be considers a dynamic entity of minecraft. The reason I what this is because I need a mine cart (preferably powered mine cart) to be able to take a lot of damage from arrows with out popping off the tracks and requiring to be reattached. (If you are wondering why I want this, I made a Payload game (From TF2) and my friends and I were going to play it, but the map was designed for arches. You can probably see the problem, 2 hits, and the cart is off the tracks.)

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