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    Plugin category: General, Mechanics-Altering, RPG

    Suggested name: ArmorControl?

    A bit about me: I run a Classes/Factions Hardcore PvP server and the oh-so-generous users have been giving "suggestions" about some gameplay issues... Additionally, I've realized that they are right. :p

    What I want: A plugin that controls armor. Armor damages and durability, specifically. Our classes system is solid, but is built more for the "old" armor system of beta minecraft. For the most part, only defensive classes are allowed to use diamond armor, and they are absolutely slaughtering offensive classes. One defensive class can take on 3 offensive opponents at the same time -- and win. Then take on even more. Basically, we are looking for any solution to this issue. ​
    If we could have a customizable plugin that makes it so we can determine the hierarchy and mechanics of armor, it'd be a blessing for PvP. ​

    Ideas for config options (wouldn't need commands):
    • Use the Beta armor system (each piece of armor of all types (L, G, C, I, D) gives the same protection, which declines with durability).
    • Use the 1.0 armor system (each piece of armor of each type (L, G, C, I, D) gives differing protection based on type, which doesn't decline until breakage).
    • Durability: Change the durability of each armor type
    • Strength: Change how much specific protection each armor type gives
    Aaaand... anything else that seems like a good idea?

    Ideas for permissions: none?​
    Willing to pay up to: Idunno. I'd easily shell $15-20 out if we test it and it actually works. ​

    When I'd like it by: As soon as it can be comfortably completed. Sooner is obviously much more desired.

    Similar plugin requests: None that I've seen...

    Devs who might be interested in this: No clue.​

    if any of that is unclear for any reason, i'll be happy to try explaining better. wrote it right before bed and i was feeling quite like it was missing clarity. :S

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    also was thinking that being able to edit weapon durability/strength would be good...
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    Yes, yes to all of this. Someone please make this. Will no one accept this challenge?!
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    Start to work on it ;)
    I will PM you soon!
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    amazing. very happy to hear that. :D we could even make gold serve an actual purpose... i was thinking about making gold swords the bestest :p
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    changing the durability is hardcoded, i think maybe its even impossible to do
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    But changing the amount how it decreases is possible and easy to do :)
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    xD, nvm...i had a whole paragraph reply but i dont think my question in my mind cant be put into paragraph so i deleted it
    anyway, i'll just say goodluck with this
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    oh yes, good luck indeed :D
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    I could really use this.
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    This would really be great. My PvP server hates the new armor in 1.1.0. A plugin like this with a 1.0.0 armors setting would get an A+ and donation here.
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    Crayder read my private message?
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    update? no rush :D
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    I could use this to limit certain types of armor. WorldGuard doesn't limit individual armor types for wearing. I'd use this on my server for sure.
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    +1 on this, Really really need this, but I could do without disabling Diamond armor completely, I already have a plugin that does that.


    That just removes the Diamond Armor from the person who equips it. Although this works, people don't really have an objective within the game, I.E they get Iron Armor and that's it. It's also not permission based either, so you can't bypass it. I hope he makes it permission based.

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