[GEN] Massband v2.8 - A Measuring Tape [CB 1.4.2-R0.2]

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    Please visit BukkitDev:

    This Thread is deprecated ...
    You can download the newest Version here too
    but for more infos, error reports and help please go to BukkitDev

    Massband - A Measuring Tape:
    Version: v2.7 (r59)

    This Plugin allows you to measure things in Minecraft.

    • Measure in 2D or 3D mode
    • Measure long routes with corners
    • Measures the distance between corners direct ...
    • Measure Surfaces
    • Measure dimensions
    • Measure Blocks count in a cuboid (exept air)
    • The Server dosn't hang completely while counting some Blocks
    • Permissions
    • Configurable command short-forms
    [​IMG] Download
    older Versions: 2.6.6 ; 2.6.5 ; 2.6.4 ; 2.6.3 ; 2.6.2 ; 2.6.1 ; 2.6 ; 2.5.1 ; 2.5 ; 2.4 ; 2.3 ; 2.0

    Download Source (github)

    Massband in Action (open)

    Massband in action:


    Counting Blocks with Version 2.6.4:


    Just right-click with a wood sword (default Item, see 'Config file') at a Block.

    There are three mods: (see below)
    • Simple mode (default)
    • Lenght mode
    • Surface mode
    In default, the Measuring Tape ignores the hieght.

    To measure the hieght of something just use the command '/mb 3D'
    (see 'Command list').

    With '/mb l' you get the lenght of the last measure. (even after '/mb clr')

    Simple mode:

    Just right-click with a wood sword (default Item, see 'Config file') at a Block.
    After the second right click at an other Block the Measuring Tape starts to measure the route
    between the two points (direct way) and rests all Points, so you can start a new measure between to new Points.

    Length tool:

    To measure a long way, with corners, select the lenght tool mit '/mb lm' nd right-click with a wood sword (default Item, see 'Config file') like in Simple mode
    When you right-click a 3rd time at a Block, the Measuring Tape adds the route between the second and the 3rd point, to the current route, and so on ...

    To start a new measure, enter the command '/mb clr'

    Surface tool:

    To measure a Surface, select the surface tool with '/mb sm' and right-click with
    a wood sword (default Item, see 'Config file') two times on to diferent Blocks.
    You will get the dimensions of the Area (or in 3D mode, of the cuboid).
    Now you can count the Block in the Area (or cuboid) wit '/mb cb'.
    It will returns the count of all Blocks exept Air.
    (see 'Massband in Action')

    Command list (open)

    Command list:
    • /massband, /mb - Displays a short help message
    • /massband, /mb clr - clear Clears all measuring points
    • /massband 2D, /mb 2D - Changes the mode to 2D
    • /massband 3D, /mb 3D - Changes the mode to 3D
    • /massband simplemode, /mb sim - Select the simple measuring tool
    • /massband lengthmode, /mb lm - Select the length measuring tool
    • /massband surfacemode, /mb sfm - Select the surface measuring tool
    • /massband stop, /mb stp - Interrupt Block-counting ...
    • /massbans stopall, /mb all - Interrupts all running Block-countings
    • /massband length, /mb l - Returns the last measured length
    - Surface-mode ---------------------------------------

    • /massband dimensions, /mb d - Returns the dimensions of the cuboid
    • /massband countBlocks, /mb cb - Returns the count of Blocks in a cuboid, exept air.
    • /massband expand, /mb ex <<amount> <up|down>|vert> - expands the selection in the given direction. (vert = from bottom to the top)
    • /massband blockList [page], /mb bl [page] - Returns a list of all Blocks in th cuboid
    Note: The command-short-forms are configurable in the config-file ...

    The command '/massband stopall' works also at the console.

    Config-file (open)

    Config file:
    ItemID: 268
    ItemName: wood-sword
    UsePermissions: false
    #This can infect the Server performance ...
    BlockCountingSpeedLimit: true
    #Command short-forms ...
    ClearCommand_ShortForm: clr
    LenghtCommand_ShortForm: l
    DimensionsCommand_ShortForm: d
    CountblocksCommand_ShortForm: cb
    LengthmodeCommand_ShortForm: lm
    SurfacemodeCommand_ShortForm: sfm
    SimplemodeCommand_ShortForm: sim
    ExpandCommand_ShortForm: ex
    StopCommand_ShortForm: stp
    StopallCommand_ShortForm: all
    BlockListCommand_ShortForm: bl
    Defines the Item which is used for Right-clicking. Default: wood sword

    Defines the Name of the Item. (used for the Help Msg)

    Defines whether to use Permissions, if detected.

    Set a speed limit for the Block-counting
    If false the Server counts with the full speed (about 500000 Blocks per second) and
    the Server performance is maybe a litle slow
    If true there is a speed-limit and the server counts slower (about 1000 Blocks per second) so it
    would not infect the server permormance.

    Set the short-form for the command 'xxxx'

    Permissions (open)

    Permission Nodes:
    #You can use Massband
    #Your are able to stop alle runnging Block-countings
    Note: everyone can use the Plugin if no Permission-Plugin is installed. (exept stoping all threads, need op in this case)

    • add Permission for '/mb bl' command
    • (Just keep it up to date)

    Version: 2.6.7
    • ADD: '/massband blockList' command
    Version: 2.6.6
    • ADD: Command short-forms are configable now (Thanks to bukkit-user: baunegaard)
    • FIX: '/massband stopall' command doesn't work correctly
    Version: 2.6.5

    • ADD: Simple mode (see 'commandlist')
    • simple-mode is now default (lenght mode: /mb lm | surface mode: /mb sm)
    Version: 2.6.4

    • FIX: Block-counting runns in a new Thread now.
    • ADD: /massband stop command
    • ADD: /massband stopall command
    • ADD: /massband expand command
    • 'BlockCountingSpeedLimit' setting in config added
    Version: 2.6.3

    • FIX: command bugs.
    • 'UsePermission' setting in config added. (see 'config file')
    Version: 2.6.2

    • FIX: event bug
    • FIX: Permission bug (Plugin crashs after enter a command from someone that has no Permissions)
    Version: 2.6.1

    • FIX: typo.
    Version: 2.6

    • Add Permission Support (see 'Permissions')
    Changelog (open)

    Version: 2.5.1
    • FIX: The short version of some commands doesn't work
    Version: 2.5

    • Add a Surface measuring tool (Thanks to Nitnelave)
    Version: 2.4

    • Add ItemName to the configfile
    • help message improved (see 'command-list')
    • NullPointerExeption fixed
    • FIX: Massband doesn't work anymore after reload all Plugins
    Version: 2.3

    • Add config file
    • Change some more Strings xD
    Version: 2.2

    • Change some Strings. ("vector" to "Point")
    Version: 2.1

    • First public release (bukkit)
    Non-public releases Change-log (open)

    Changelog for non-public releases (version 2.0 and below)
    Version: 2.0 beta r26:
    • FIX: commands changed to only one command.
    Version: 1.9 beta r25:

    • FIX: commands changed again (commands arn't very well yet ;) )
    Version: 1.8 beta r23:

    • FIX: Method signature changed
    Version: 1.7 beta r22:

    • FIX: Minecraft 1.4_1 compatible
    • FIX: Commands changed
    Version: 1.6 beta r19:

    • FIX: typo: '2D' <-> '3D'
    • ADD: allways show the current mode
    • FIX: doesn't switch back to 2D mode, after clear, anymore (/vclear) [/vclear -> /mb clr]
    Version: 1.5 beta r17:

    • ADD: Colored text
    Version: 1.4 beta r16:

    • ADD: /switchMode (/vsw) command added
    • FIX: Ignore Height (see /vsw) [/vsw -> /mb 2D/3D]
    Version: 1.3 beta r15:

    • ADD: Measure a way with more the two Points
    • FIX: More than one user can use it at the same time
    Version: 0.2 alpha r2 - 1.2 beta r14:

    • ADD/FIX: commands
    • ADD/FIX: Measuring
    Version: 0.1 alpha r1:

    • init Version.


    Thanks to everyone who is useing my Plugin !

    Special thanks to:
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    thanks :D

    mhm the Sever calculates it, This is a Problem ...

    I try to change this ...

    EDIT: amounts of over 100'000 Blocks will be counted under 1 sec.

    EDIT 2: In the next Version (1.6.4) the countBlocks algorytmus will run in a seperat thread,
    so the server will not hang while counting ...

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  3. Wow that is amazing work. I am definately getting this
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    thx :D

    I Upload a dev-build of the upcoming Version 2.6.4
    I would be pleased if you can test it for me :)

    Go into the surface-mode by using the command '/mb sm'.
    After that switch into the 3D-Mod with '/mb 3D'
    than make a (very big) selection (about over 4000000 Blocks)
    and than let it count with '/mb cb'

    While counting please test the server performance with other commands, teleporting, chating, ...

    Thanks for Testing ...

    EDIT: Stop counting by reload all plugins with '/reload all' (you must be op)
    In Version 2.6.4 there will be an seperat command for that
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    you know the since 2011 existing plugin doing mostly the same and leightwight "MeasuringTape"? ;)
    what is this doing better?
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    'MeasuringTape' is also a good Plugin, but in my opinion, the handling of my Plugin is easier.
    Problems that i found, are: The distance measuring returns a wrong length between the ponits (always + 1 is right , I think) ...
    and it hasn't the Block counting feature and you can not change the Item wich is used for;)

    Also, it is better to have an alternative to something.
    But you can use that Plugin wich you are finding better ... :)

    EDIT: My Plugin exist also since Jan 2011 but I doesn't make it aviable on bukkit ... till May 2011
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    A new Update came out :D (2.6.4)

    I add a few new commands and moves the Block-counting in a new Thread,
    so the Server doesn't hang completely while counting ...
  8. hey, this plugin is very advanced. do you think there could be a simple mode? so you just right click 1 point with the tool, and right click the next, and it will tell you the distance and reset, rdy to measure between 2 new points
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    yeah, I think about that before but don't implemet it yet.
    Will be in the next Version

    Added with Version 2.6.5

    So a new Version is out!
    Version 2.6.5 :)
    • ADD: simple mode
    Thanks to po5

    have fun with my Plugin

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    Could you please make the commands configurable.
    /mb lm conflicts with a MobBounty command, and i cant change it in MobBounty either
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    You can use the original command(/mb lm is the short form): /massband lengthmode or /mb lenthmode
    but I can make an option so you can configure the short forms of the commands :D
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    Thanks for the continued support for this plugin.
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    Version: 2.6.6 is out !

    Version: 2.6.6

    • ADD: Command short-forms are configable now (Thanks to bukkit-user: baunegaard)
    • FIX: '/massband stopall' command doesn't work correctly

    If you miss a feature, please post it here on bukkit or at github :D

    I never stopped the support :)

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    CraftBukkit 1.8 [1097] Test: successfull

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    Version 2.6.7 is out !

    [​IMG] Download
    Version: 2.6.7

    • ADD: '/massband blockList' command
    This command allows you to get a list of all Block in yor selection ater using the command '/mb cb'

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    Massband will be available at Bukkitdev soon ...
    • The newes version will be downloadable here too ...

    Massband is on BukkitDev: :D


    This thread is deprecated (exept the Download and the Source Code link)
    please go to BukkitDev ...

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