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    WhoAreYou - /who done properly!!
    [​IMG] Download v0.3 [1337]


    Knowing who is on your server is one of the most important things when you are a server moderator/admin. The basic playerlist most plugins provide lacks information. WhoAreYou can provide you with loads of information about your players with very simple commands.
    Preview (open)




    • Coloured usernames according to Permissions group prefix in /who
    • Find out who is in a certain world with /who <world>
    • Get information about a particular user with /who <player>
    • Configure aliases for your worlds to make it easier for your users
    • Works in console (only basic listing in console)
    • Craftbukkit #740
    • Permissions - without permissions you need to be op to use commands
    Installation (open)

    1. Place WhoAreYou.jar in your plugins/ folder
    2. The plugin will auto create plugins/WhoAreYou/config.yml file when it runs
    3. Set up your permissions using the nodes below

    config.yml (open)

    This is contained in plugins/WhoAreYou/config.yml. The main configuration in this file is world aliases. The server auto-creates this file and adds as many homes as are loaded at the time of server start as possible. You can then add your other worlds to it. World aliases are used when doing something like /home <world> - say you have an undersirable world name like creativeworld4, you can use world aliases to change it to something simple like creative for use in MultiHome commands. When the plugin creates the file it will look something like this:

    aliases: world: world
    msg-online-on-join: true
    You can then customise it and add in your custom worlds like this:
    aliases:     atrium1: atrium     survival1: survival     build4: build     pvp3: pvp     nether1: nether
    msg-online-on-join: true
    msg-online-on-join controls whether a player is messaged the player list when they join the server.

    Usage (open)

    • /who <- Lists all online players
    • /who <world> <- Lists all players on specified world/alias
    • /who <player> <- Lists information about that player
    • You can use /list /online /listplayers /playerlist and /whois as aliases of /who

    Permission Nodes
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • whoareyou.list <- For basic /who
    • whoareyou.player <- For /who <player>
    • whoareyou.player.personal <- Shows IP and location in /who <player>
    • <- For /who <world>

    Version: v0.3 [740]
    • Added whoareyou.player.personal node
    • Fixed suffix bug
    Version: 0.2 [740]
    • Added console support
    • Added group suffix in listings
    Version: 0.1.5 [733]
    • Fixed line colours
    Version: 0.1.4 [733]
    • Added leading line to /whois
    Version: 0.1.3 [733]
    • Fixed partial naming
    Version: 0.1.2 [733]
    • Added partial naming support for /who <player>
    Version: 0.1.1 [733]
    • Added command aliases /list /online /listplayers /playerlist /whois
    Version: 0.1 [733]
    • Plugin released
    Plugin originally created for

    Checked against 733

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    i put the plugin into the folder and then started the server 3 or 4 time and i dont have a config file
    what do?
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