Inactive [GEN/INFO] DCReason 2.1 - Distinguish crashing from quitting [1.2.3 COMPATIBLE] [1.1-R6+/1988+]

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    DCReason - Distinguish crashing from quitting
    Version: v2.1

    The 2.0 update removes Permissions compatibility because the local obfuscator was complaining that I was working with outdated stuff. I send my apologies to all of the "cavemen" who were using "prehistoric" technology.

    Random internet disconnections or Java crashes are problems that a surprisingly large percentage of users face. When this happens in the middle of a game,
    some witnessing users may get confused or may even take offense at the abrupt leaving. This plugin clarifies the reason for a player's abrupt leaving to other players with a change to the player's exiting message - simply, "Playername has lost connection to the game."

    The message displayed changes depends on the method of disconnection, and can also be custom-defined to fit your needs.

    DCReason also allows the setting of custom messages for individual players in-game! The command is
    /dcr [player] [setJoin|setQuit] [message].

    In order to prevent players from changing the messages of others (and, if not preferred, themselves), support for SuperPerms (and, indirectly, anything that supports SuperPerms) has been implemented. The nodes are
    where changeSelf lets a player change their own messages, and changeOther lets a player change others' messages.
    Players that are ops will have access to both nodes.

    If a player that has a custom message set crashes or disconnects abnormally, the global crash message for that error will be shown instead.

    • Distinguishes when a user crashes or leaves the server abnormally
    • Crash messages can be custom-defined per kind of disconnect
    • In addition, regular login and logout messages can be edited globally.
    • Custom login/logout messages can be defined per individual player
    • Color support across all messages
    • Support for a permissions system to allow or disallow custom setting of messages
    • Colors can be used in all types of messages
    To Do:
    • Find more crash error reasons and specify a crash of that nature to the server
    • Fix the fact that the plugin detects Permissions twice in the console (Removing Permissions 3.x support would take care of this, wouldn't it?)
    • Implement SuperPerms Done!

    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.1 [Uhhh...]
    • Fixed an issue with priorities not being as high as they should have been. I think.
    Version 2.0 [what version is this?]
    • Removed Permissions functionality (Sorry! SuperPerms still exists, though)
    Version 1.9 [1597]
    • Implemented the ability to choose where you want the name of the player to be placed in the default login/logout messages. Use %PLAYER% to define where you want the name to be!
    Version 1.8 [1597]

    • Implemented color compatibility! You can now use colors in any of your messages.
    • Implemented SuperPerms compatibility
    • Fixed compatibility with other chat modifiers (mChat, TownyChat, EssentialsChat, etc.)
    Version 1.7 [1597]

    • Implemented the ability to custom set login and logout messages
    • With this came Permissions support!
    • Default login message can now also be changed through the config.yml
    Version 1.6 [1337]

    • Implemented new possible disconenction: disconnect.timeout
    Version 1.5 [1060]

    • Decided to go all the way and allow custom messages for regular disconnections. Will possibly be doing connections as well to allow for this (though that
      may require a name change...)
    Version 1.4 [1000]

    • Not sure what I changed here...
    Version 1.3 [1000]

    • Implemented new possible disconnection: disconnect.overflow
    Version 1.2_01 [1000]

    • Compiled for 1.7.3
    Version 1.2 [935]

    • Added a config where disconnect messages can be edited
    Version 1.1 [928]

    • Recompiled for whatever the compatible Craftbukkit is
    Version 1.0 [860]

    • Release
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    I think he's asking if you're using another chat modifier. Examples would be TownyChat, EssentialsChat, mChat... ChatChat.

    Are you saying that custom messages don't show up, crash messages don't show up, or both?

    If you like, I can attempt to compile a R3-compliant version of DCReason for you (though that may be very extraneous due to the fact that 1.2 is out now~! We need to be moving towards that...)

    I know. I figured that I needed to say that, though...

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    Custom messages don't show up and crash messages don't show up. I do have Essentials tho. Also, I would be really grateful if you could compile a R3 version.
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    EssentialsChat shouldn't override my plugin, as far as I know.
    ... Apparently there is no R3 Bukkit version for me to use, or R2 for that matter. Huh!

    In which case, I'm not really sure what I should do besides backtrack all of my code pre-Listener implementation (which is what that big announcement at the top of the page is about) or give you an older version and see if that one works.

    Actually, let's try that.
    This is an old DCReason that was for 1.0.1. See if that solves your problem.

    If that doesn't work, then your best bet is to either try recreating your config or wait around for a 1.2 update and get all of your plugins and server updated within that circle.

    I'll still try to help out in whatever way I can.
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    Ok thanks I will try it but do I need to delete the new version of DCReason first or can I install the R1 version straight away?
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    It'd be really silly to have two DCReasons running at the same time.

    Just rename the newer DCReason to "DCReason.old" or something, then put the older one in. You can leave the config file the same. See if that works.

    If it doesn't, try remaking the config and trying again.
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    Err... I just found out how to update mah server and I updated it to R4, but its still doesn't work... Maybe my name is spelled wrong? It is LucarioXL in game, but should I type in lucarioxl when setting my messages?
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    If it's a difference in capitalization, it shouldn't matter.

    If you're only typing in "/dcr luca setJoin blargh" then I see your problem. My plugin doesn't utilize auto name completion. Type your whole name if you aren't already.

    I'll get around to adding autocompletion soon...
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    I type in "/dcr LucarioXL setJoin easfjhaefakvakjwfv" and a success message pops up but nobody else on my server can see my join message when I enter my server.
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    I think I may have found why. What are you running again? R4?

    It seems I forgot to set my events to the proper priority. In short, this may have been my fault all along. XPPPP

    I'll come along very soon with an update. I'm sorry for how long it's been taking to get this working.
    A tape recorder would continue and say "We appreciate your patience on this matter and hope you will stay with our service."

    I've been answering way too many tickets lately.

    Did some updating. I think my Priority levels were mixed up in some areas. I hadn't fully moved to the Listener system - I think I got distracted midway through, forgot about it, and compiled. Whoops!

    I sure hope that's fixed now.

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    is this up to date?
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    Yes... I wrote that it was in the post just previous. XP

    It is built against 1.1, but will work for most CraftBukkit 1.2.3 builds (including the Beta build) because it's been updated to the recent Listener system.
    It should work fine.
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    Yup, I've been running R4. XD I'll wait for your update. The only thing is, how do I delete the current version of DCReason?
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    The update is already up. XD

    You "delete" DCReason essentially by making the DCReason.jar file look like anything but a .jar file, or remove it from the system.
    Basically, that means that if you want to keep an old version of the file, just rename it to "DCReason.old" and it will basically be deleted.
    Also, you can delete DCReason.jar. That takes care of it too.

    I don't think you need to delete the DCReason folder. It has your configuration files in it anyways.
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    Late reply again!!! D:
    Well, ehh... I still have R3 and MC version 1.1 (since 1.2.3 sucks) so will the MOST RECENT update work with R3? D:
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    Would you please add Permissions groups support?

    So login/logout messages would be different according to your rank
  18. will there be a version compatibel to Minecraft 1.3.2 (craftbukkit-1.3.2-R3.0)?
  19. is it compatible with craftbukkit-1.4.7-R1.0 ?
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    Does this plugin still work?

    Ok this plugin still works but It doesn't do what I thought it would do.
    To clarify for other people who might make the same mistake; all this plugin does is allow you to change each players join/leave message.

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