Inactive [GEN/INFO] DCReason 2.1 - Distinguish crashing from quitting [1.2.3 COMPATIBLE] [1.1-R6+/1988+]

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    DCReason - Distinguish crashing from quitting
    Version: v2.1

    The 2.0 update removes Permissions compatibility because the local obfuscator was complaining that I was working with outdated stuff. I send my apologies to all of the "cavemen" who were using "prehistoric" technology.

    Random internet disconnections or Java crashes are problems that a surprisingly large percentage of users face. When this happens in the middle of a game,
    some witnessing users may get confused or may even take offense at the abrupt leaving. This plugin clarifies the reason for a player's abrupt leaving to other players with a change to the player's exiting message - simply, "Playername has lost connection to the game."

    The message displayed changes depends on the method of disconnection, and can also be custom-defined to fit your needs.

    DCReason also allows the setting of custom messages for individual players in-game! The command is
    /dcr [player] [setJoin|setQuit] [message].

    In order to prevent players from changing the messages of others (and, if not preferred, themselves), support for SuperPerms (and, indirectly, anything that supports SuperPerms) has been implemented. The nodes are
    where changeSelf lets a player change their own messages, and changeOther lets a player change others' messages.
    Players that are ops will have access to both nodes.

    If a player that has a custom message set crashes or disconnects abnormally, the global crash message for that error will be shown instead.

    • Distinguishes when a user crashes or leaves the server abnormally
    • Crash messages can be custom-defined per kind of disconnect
    • In addition, regular login and logout messages can be edited globally.
    • Custom login/logout messages can be defined per individual player
    • Color support across all messages
    • Support for a permissions system to allow or disallow custom setting of messages
    • Colors can be used in all types of messages
    To Do:
    • Find more crash error reasons and specify a crash of that nature to the server
    • Fix the fact that the plugin detects Permissions twice in the console (Removing Permissions 3.x support would take care of this, wouldn't it?)
    • Implement SuperPerms Done!

    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.1 [Uhhh...]
    • Fixed an issue with priorities not being as high as they should have been. I think.
    Version 2.0 [what version is this?]
    • Removed Permissions functionality (Sorry! SuperPerms still exists, though)
    Version 1.9 [1597]
    • Implemented the ability to choose where you want the name of the player to be placed in the default login/logout messages. Use %PLAYER% to define where you want the name to be!
    Version 1.8 [1597]

    • Implemented color compatibility! You can now use colors in any of your messages.
    • Implemented SuperPerms compatibility
    • Fixed compatibility with other chat modifiers (mChat, TownyChat, EssentialsChat, etc.)
    Version 1.7 [1597]

    • Implemented the ability to custom set login and logout messages
    • With this came Permissions support!
    • Default login message can now also be changed through the config.yml
    Version 1.6 [1337]

    • Implemented new possible disconenction: disconnect.timeout
    Version 1.5 [1060]

    • Decided to go all the way and allow custom messages for regular disconnections. Will possibly be doing connections as well to allow for this (though that
      may require a name change...)
    Version 1.4 [1000]

    • Not sure what I changed here...
    Version 1.3 [1000]

    • Implemented new possible disconnection: disconnect.overflow
    Version 1.2_01 [1000]

    • Compiled for 1.7.3
    Version 1.2 [935]

    • Added a config where disconnect messages can be edited
    Version 1.1 [928]

    • Recompiled for whatever the compatible Craftbukkit is
    Version 1.0 [860]

    • Release
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    Ross Gosling

    I am not a dev, talk down to me all you want :D
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    Lol >.>

    Looks like that plugin update is going to be happening TOMORROW! Since the obfuscator isn't working...
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    Ross Gosling

    OK, i UNDERSTAND and YOU seem to be TAKING my SCREWED up server LEAVE MESSAGE problem PERSONALLY :confused:
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    Wait. I'm really confused. What?

    Plugin updated for Craftbukkit 1.0.1-R1/1597. See first post for what's changed!

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    Ross Gosling

    ok ty
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    Hope it fixes your problem with the logout messages.
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    Ross Gosling

    It hasn't fixed the problem, I really have no idea whats wrong, i've tried getting a new craftbukkit jar, deleting your plugin, I dont know what else to do
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    It doesnt work :/ At least for custom messages, Set it to my name and still same dull "joined the game" "left the game" /dcr name setJoin joined the damn game :(
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    And you've deleted the folder named DCReason that gets created as well?

    Are you, by any chance, using mChat?

    This worked perfectly on my test server; I may have to raise the listener priority -.-

    EDIT;; after raising the priority and giving it to a server I help administrate, it works perfectly and overrides their mChat. Grrrr.

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    Ross Gosling

    I am using TownyChat

    yeah, completely deleted all DCReason stuff

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    I want to immediately put it on that; however, that'd be rude as a plugin developer...

    Looks like I'll be raising that priority, then. And possibly adding color functionality while at it...
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    Ross Gosling

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    I apologize for the trouble this is evidently causing you, and am attempting to work on a fix right now - however, I don't know when I will be able to get it out. I do know that you should not have to wait longer than tomorrow.
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    Yeah I am using mChat, I love how I always have conflicting plugins lol, So you say you fixed it? Ill attempt to download and see if it works now!
    Edit: Still no go :( SAD FACEECEFECEC!
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    Ross Gosling

    ok thanks, glad we know what the problem is now :)
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    Yeah, I haven't been able to upload it to the post yet LOL

    I decided to try and add in color functionality as well before just suddenly pushing an update - might as well give something in return, right...

    Yes! Unless TownyChat is very, very, very mean to us, this should be a fix.

    Still working a bit on allowing colors, but after that gets set in, we should be all good and done.
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    Fixed the incompatibility issues, and added color functionality and DinnerPerms to 1.8, which should be uploaded now.

    Should be fixed now! I... hope.

    Did now!
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    Ross Gosling

    Thanks, it's worked =D
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    Success! :D works like a charm, I am now the coolest dude on my server! lol
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    Good, good! Glad we got that straightened out, then...

    I'm still not sure what was with all your logout messages being removed XP That shall be found another day...

    Lol, have (constructive) fun >.>

    I have thought of that very often, however, I've never really gotten around to doing it.

    I have absolutely nothing to do right now. Will work on it immediately, though I can't guarantee an update at the same speed...

    EDIT;; What's a good variable for a player name? I just now put in {}, not sure how good that is, though...

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    It's actually easy to implement - I'm unsure why I haven't done it already.

    I was looking for variables or characters that a person probably won't want to use in their logout... I'll play with {player} and see how that works.

    I am having insane trouble getting this to work properly for some reason. $PLAYER$ won't replace, {PLAYER} throws massive errors, %PLAYER% won't replace...

    This may take a while -_-

    I'm not even sure, it was some obscure exception that I have never seen before.

    Actually, looking back at the %PLAYER%, that may have worked...

    Meh. I'll screw with it tomorrow.

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    Spontaneous family cruise! I won't be able to accomplish this until the 24th - probably later. I apologize! I hope this isn't exceedingly prioritized by you o__O

    Yeah, I have NEVER been on a cruise before. Is Carnival any good?


    I am in a mad rush to get out the door, so I've given the plugin to a friend in hopes that he will be able to post it to the thread before Christmas. Grr.

    His name is Darklust, and you can trust pretty much anything that comes from him.

    Hoping he can get it up here!

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    Updated original post to 1.9 with the requested feature from Hexacyanide.
    Mega thanks to Darklust for his help in getting it up while I was away!
    (Psst - take a look at his plugins!)
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    When a player joins/quits, the message works but when a player has End of Steam, it shows my quit message and not my end of steam message...
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    Your custom quit message?

    I think I accidentally wrote the code to act like that. Oops.

    Will fix in a later update.
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    Ross Gosling

    @Eevables 1.9 Bug

    I'm using Towny Chat and when a player leaves it says "has left the game" it doesn't say their actual name
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    Have you deleted and re-created your configuration?
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    Ross Gosling

    nope, i'll try that
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    Good plugin!
    have a way to disable all the messages?!

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