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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by andune, Jul 2, 2011.

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    ah i werent aware that it kept track via the database i thought it checked the players folder instead, yeah i use heidisql for database management, probably one of the best mysql tools for windows
    do you have paypal? im considering donating a bit towards your hard work, one of my most useful plugins on my server. now just need to get the old commandsigns working somehow >.>
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    Now that I finally got v0.8 out the door and finished up a number of fixes/requests people had, I'm sure I'll be taking a break from HSP dev for a little bit (I've got to find sometime to enjoy playing MC myself, after all ;) ). But I've already started thinking about new features, so please login to:


    and vote up or comment on features you want so I know what is important to people. Or feel free to post your own ideas and enhancement requests that others can vote up and I'll try to let the community guide where I spend my time on future enhancements. You can also subscribe to file/comment/ticket updates on dev.bukkit.org if you want to stay up to date on the latest news.
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    I am using bukkitpermissions, and have the permissions entered just as they are found on bukkitdev. However both myself as admin and others as simple default users have no commands. when trying /sethome, or /home or/ spawn or /setspawn. I only get " you do not have permissions to do that. "

    Code (Text):
    1. users:
    2.     Jn108:
    3.         permissions:
    4.         groups:
    5.         - admin
    6.     subarcticjack:
    7.         permissions:
    8.         groups:
    9.         - default
    10. groups:
    11.     default:
    12.         permissions:
    13.             permissions.build: true
    14.             hsp.command.home.use: true
    15.             hsp.command.sethome.use: true
    16.             hsp.command.spawn.use: true
    17.             hsp.warmupexempt.*: true
    18.             hsp.cooldownexempt.*: true
    19.             mcmmo.tools.*: true
    20.             mcmmo.ability.*: true
    21.             mcmmo.skills.*: true
    22.             lwc.protect: true
    23.     admin:
    24.         permissions:
    25.             permissions.*: true
    26.             logblock.*: true
    27.             mcmmo.*: true
    28.             essentials.*: true
    29.             hsp.command.*: true
    30.             hsp.warmupexempt.*: true
    31.             hsp.cooldownexempt.*: true
    32.             hsp.admin: true
    33.             lwc.admin: true
    34.             ichat.color: true
    35.             ichat.reload: true
    36.         inheritance:
    37.         - default
    38. messages:
    39.     build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'
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    its not designed for bukkit permissions yet
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    Hmm. Do you have a Perm2 compatibility layer with your Superperms plugin? I added the Permission nodes but never added direct support for Superperms. Pretty easy to add direct support for it, guess I'll do that next release, but mean time running a Perm2 compatibility bridge (no sweat off your back) will work fine. Your other option in the mean time is to use the "core.defaultPermissions" config item to allow your users to use HSP commands without any permissions.
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    Can this be used with MyHome plugin? I'd like to use this plugin for spawn configuration, but I'd prefer to keep MyHome if possible. I see there may be conflicting commands.
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    i use home from commandbook which seems to overwrite this
    i guess what takes dominance comes first, try it
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    I specifically designed this plugin to "play nice" because I got tired of other plugins that didn't. In your HSP config.yml, there is a 'disabledCommands' section; just disable the HSP commands you don't want to use, and they'll be totally disabled and not fight with your other plugins at all.

    Note that HSP has no live hooks into plugins like MyHome to use for the home-related strategies, so without using the home functionality of HSP, the only strategies that make sense are spawn-related ones (which may be exactly what you're looking for, I don't know).
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    Awesome, thanks.
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    So I set in config.yml:
    # sub-permission: hsp.command.home.others - can teleport to others homes
    home: true
    # sub-permission: hsp.command.sethome.others - can change other peoples homes
    sethome: true

    Now when a player does '/home', it just echos '/home' back to the their screen, literally the text '/home' appears on their screen. The player does not go home. I'm using it with MyHome 2.01.
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    Heyho @morganm

    Thanks for the Update, works good, Update from 1.7 was easy and big thanks for the warmup!

    Bug (since #~1060, or 1240?!):
    The chunk on /home doesn't load, me and my players spawn in the air and have to relog. /spawn works.
    (Preload chunks on command?!)

    - Own Messages for Warmup and Cooldown.
    - Automatic-name-complement. It's annoying for admins and mods to type the whole nickname to teleport to the playerhomes. ;)

    You want to use myHome for homes and HSP for Spawn? Try:
    home: true
    sethome: true

    permission: - -hsp.command.home.*
    permission: - -hsp.command.sethome.*
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    I just enabled multiworld on my server and whenever a new home is set on the new world - it overwrites the old home on the main map. How do i make it so each world can have its own homes?
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    What you describe is the default behavior of HSP. That is, HSP always records homes that are unique to each world. However, how those homes are used are up to you in how you setup the strategies (for onDeath, onJoin, etc). Currently the "/home" command is not using the new strategies, but by default it will take you to your home on the current world unless you specify the world name, ie. "/home myworld".
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    When i try specifying a world name it says "A home for the given player does not exist" even though the homes exist.

    I have:

    onjoin: default
    ondeath: home
    oncommand: world
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    What plugin are you using for multiworld? Let's assume MultiVerse and do an example:

    /mv create world2 NORMAL
    /mvtp world2

    Now we have "world2" and we're standing in it. Move somewhere and then type:

    You will now have a home in world2. Assuming your original world was named "world" you can type "/home world" to go back to your home on world. If you just type /home while standing in world2, you will go to your home in world2.

    HSP searches for the world first when you give it an argument, if it can't find one it will then try to find a player by that name. So if I type "/home wrld" (a typo), it will say "A home for the given player does not exist" since it first looked for a world named "wrld" and found none and then tried to find a player named "wrld" and also found none.
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    Wow, nice guess - i am using multiverse and my main world is called world!

    I tried that, and when i type /sethome on skylands and go back to the world, and type /home - it takes me back to my skylands home (even though world already had a home set).
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    OK, so at this point you want to get a list of your plugins and pastebin it here. My suspicion is some other plugin (Essentials?) is actually processing your /sethome and /home commands and not HSP. This is further confirmed by the fact that I just did a search through the HSP code for your "A home for the given player does not exist" and there is no such message. HSP's message will look like: "No home found for player foo123 on world skylands"
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    Ah, i see.

    It's probably CommandBook that was causing it. It won't let me disable its home command to HSP's :(

    I got around this though by renaming HomeSpawnPlus.jar to aHomeSpawnPlus.jar so that the server loads it before commandbook (and it works). So if anyone else is having a compatibility problem like this, just do that.

    Thanks for all the help though ;)
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm what about economy support via Register or Vault?
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    I created an important ticket:
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    Hi @Jobsti, I responded in the ticket on dev.bukkit (thanks for using the ticket system). I have a question on your issue, looking forward to your response over there so I can look into it further.
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    v0.9 is released and available on dev.bukkit.org.

    v0.9 - November 12, 2011
    • new feature: WorldGuard region-spawn support via "spawnWGregion" strategy
    • new feature: Economy fees using optional Vault dependency
    • new feature: spawnSpecificWorld strategy
    • new feature: spawnNamedSpawn strategy
    • new command: /setdefaultspawn to allow for defining the default spawn out of multiple named spawns that might exist in a world
    • new feature: usurpCommands - admin can specify commands s/he wants this plugin to takeover if other plugins are using it (ie. usurp "/home" from CommandBook, which loads first alphabetically)
    • new feature: implemented "spawnNearest" spawn strategy

    Note @PAL-18 and @xemnes, the new "usurpCommands" config option allows you to specify that HSP should own /home, /sethome, /spawn, in an upgrade-proof way instead of having to monkey with CommandBook (or others) plugin.yml or alphabetically re-arrange your plugins. Give it a shake and let me know how it works for you.
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    I think most folks are following this on dev.bukkit.org now, but just in case not, I updated the thread title here and am posting this to make people aware of the 1.0 and 1.1 releases. 1.0 added some major new functionality and 1.1 had a few additions and several bug fixes, please read the Changelog for more info:

    Full Changelog
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    Can anybody explain, how to set exact spawn only for new users on non-default world?
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    Is it possible to make a special Moderator group so that they can use Home and Spawn without a cooldown?
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    when someone uses /spawn on my server, the chunk at the spawnpoint doesn't get loaded and players are stuck in a hole and have to relog to fix it. No errors in console. RB of bukkit, latest HSP build.
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    Hey, I have tryed to get /home /sethome /spawn working for non-OPs but it doesn't work.

    Could you please tell me exactly what do put where? I'm not using any Permissions Plugin just OP. I have read through ALOT, but didn't find any succesfull way.

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    Please. Anybody?
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    you need permissions to give it to anyone that isnt op
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