[GEN] GlassBreak v1.4 - Get your glass back, Now with config [953]

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    Glass Break - Get Your Glass Back
    Version 1.4 [Download] [Source] (CB 953)
    Version 1.3 [Download] [Source] (CB 953)

    old versions (open)

    Version 1.0 [Download] (CB 953)
    Version 1.1 [Download] [Source] (CB 953)
    Version 1.2 [Download] [Source] (CB 953)

    Mirrors can be foun Here​
    After breaking a glass block, you will get the glass back.
    • Get the glass block back after breaking it
    • Configurable Damage and chance of recieving damage by breaking the glass block
    • Configutable Minimum and Maximun damage
    • Configurable damage mode (bare hand or normal)

    Version 1.4
    • Added a configurable death message
    • Added a new config value - ShowDamageMessage : Set to true to recieve damage message on glass break damage.

    Version 1.3
    • Fixed the random damage system
    • Added bare hand mode (if set to false, players will get damage no matter if they hole and item or not)

    Old Versions (open)

    Version 1.2
    • Configurable Minimum and Maximum damage
    • Players will only recieve damage if they break glass bare handed
    • Configurable message on glass break damage
    Version 1.1
    • Added config file
    Version 1.0
    • First Release

    To do (open)

    *Configutable Damage and chance to get damaged on glass break
    Progress : Done!

    *Random Damage for every block break
    Progress : Done! (will be added in v1.2)

    *Recieving Damage only if breaking the glass using your hands
    Progress : Done! (Will be added in v1.2)

    *Configurable damage type (BareHandDamage : true/false)
    Progress : Done (Will be added in v1.3)

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    You need at least 2 versions outside the changelog spoiler, and the progress bars are rather obnoxious. Good work on the plugin :p

    Also, source would be nice.
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    Been made plenty of times, but since its your first plugin (im assuming) its good practice I guess.
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    Thanks, and I thought the progress bars are nice...
    Thanks for the support (source coming soon)

    Yup, this is my first plugin and the first time i'm making a working plugin with config file.
    I will start working on more complicated (and awesome) plugin very soon :)

    Version 1.2 is up !!

    New Features :
    • Customizable Damage message
    • Random damage with configurable minimum and maximum damage values
    • Only recieve damage when braking glass bare handed

    Version 1.3 is up !!

    Changes :

    • Fixed the random system
    • Added bare damage option to the config
    true = get damage only if you break glass bare handed
    false = get damage regardless to the item you are holding (or not holding)

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  5. Very nice ! downloading :)
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    Version 1.4 is up !!

    Changes :

    • Added a configurable death message
    • Added a new config value - ShowDamageMessage : Set to true to recieve damage message on glass break damage.
    Note that for every version you download , delete the plugin configuration folder (Glass Break foleder) and let it create a new one
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    Any update for CraftBukkit 1000/1060?
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    Can you make it so it supports regions?
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    this plugin works fine on CB 1566, version 1.3 cus i couldnt get 1.4.

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