Inactive [GEN/FUN] EnderCrystalizer v1.2 - Spawn FPS lag-free Ender Crystals! [1.1-RC6]

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    EnderCrystalizer (4/3/12 12:11 PM [+8GMT])
    I know that you can now spawn eggs to spawn endercrystals, but this one will spawn the bedrock along. Also, using eggs will cause FPS lag due to the lighting issues of the crystals without a block in the center.
    For some reason the explosion sideways and downwards are canceled when the crystal is inside bedrock, it will still destroy things above the crystal when it explodes so this will pull still be up:

    (Video version: v1.0 [Pictures will show the latest vers with bedrock)
    (Pictures version: v1.1)
    Description: First plugin to enabling the spawning of Ender Crystals! This is for decorative purposes, or remaking "The End" manually.

    • Spawn Ender Crystals (with bedrock [soon to be configurable] and fire like in "The End" to above where you are looking at.
    • Remove Ender Crystals (with the block it is in) 1 block near you safely without it exploding.
    • Remove the block the Ender Crystal is in when you explode them normally after 20 ticks (Usually 1 second).
    • /endercrystalizer OR /ec - Prints all commands
    Permission Nodes (case sensitive) [PermissionBukkit, PEX, bPerms]:
    • endercrystalizer.* - Everything below
    • endercrystalizer.use - Use the plugin
    - Added 1.2 support by fixing events.
    Show Spoiler

    - Added removing the block of the Ender Crystal after destroying after 20 ticks (Usually 1 second).
    - Fixed the /ec remove only removing 1 per go.
    - Now a bedrock and fire spawns along with the crystal! It negates the FPS lag by flashing lighting and explosions when you hit it!
    - /ec remove also removes the bedrock it is in.
    - Initial release

    To be made:
    • Configurations to configure the block to put the crystal instead of bedrock.
    • Configurations to configure if to remove the block after destroying the Ender Crystal.
    • Attempt to make EnderCrystals invincible outside of "The End"
    • mrciku - Main base code
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    Nice, but could you make the commands configurable? /ec conflicts with buycraft
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    WOWOWOWO D: very very nice... i have a big idea with it :p

    random generate EnderCrystalizer with alot of health.. after kill it will drop a configure items ^_^
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    The only problem I see with this plugin is, that you can't stop
    the explosion as it looks like, that means if you are going to place
    on a spawn or on a usually protected area, mebers are able to blow
    up your whole shit using a bow and an arrow. Bukkit needs
    to let it fire an entity explosion event.
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    Yep, I might request a pull for it... Unless someone can help me :D

    Anyway, how did you link to your curseforge account?

    EDIT 1: Actually, I can just add an EntityDamageEvent and disallow health to go below 0 but instead remove itself if the worldgenerator of the world is not skylands (the end)
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    Click on your image on the top of this site, than click on the "Curse Association"
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    Ah I see, anyway, this isn't working as I thought it would... I'll find other alternative before I put up a pull request.

    Oh didn't see your post there you can use "/endercrystalizer spawn"

    EDIT 1: Time to send a pull (
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    Not first=)
    EC is entity, and can be spawned by any entity control plugin.
    But much easier, anyway.
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    This thing can heal the enderdragons, can you make it heal and fill the food bar of players when being near it in say 6 blocks away? :)
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    My idea is better :D
    "random generate EnderCrystalizer with alot of health.. after kill it will drop a configure items ^_^"
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    what is a configure items?
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    example always drop apple / wood / bedrock / glass etd... :s
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    Finally a plugin for this.

    Btw whenever I punch the crystal it just dissappears, no explosion like you say :p

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    Really? I'll have to try it again.
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    Shouldn't there be fire beneath the crystal?
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    Updated to v1.1 quite a few changes :D
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    This is awesome :D

    Could you add permissions as to who can break the crystal and make it explode?

    Its hard to use it as decoration if anybody can just blow it up :)
  19. works, its awesome :D

    id like this idea, i hope it could add health / hunger bar slowly back up. lets say half both per 4 seconds or something

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    Thx for backing this up :)

    We can spawn Endercrystals now lets make something simple and useful out of it :)
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    Ok I am having trouble with them despawning after some time
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    1.1 Edition? or is it allready compatible with 1.1?

    --Edit-- It works for 1.1, but The Command has incompability with buycraft.
    Any chance you can set it to /ec or /EnderCrystalizer?
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    Nice! I'm curious as to how you did this though...source? :)
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    Easy, perseverance and determination will help. I actually failed a number of times until I found out that you can use a

    World.spawn(class) where class is EnderCrystal.class

    EDIT: And the rest is just maths.
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    Texture pack in 2nd picture please!!! :D
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    Awesome thanks! Actually, that does sound astoundingly easy considering all things...I probably don't even need source to look at. ;) I actually didn't know about that World method before, knowing it makes a lot of things much easier. XD
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    i have a idea if u can spawn thos then can u make a plug in the spawns piston HEADS with out base i would really love you for that i use thos heads for tables :)
  28. Got the same exact issue! Just use: /endercrystalizer
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    Does it work with 1.2
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    Yeah, I'm planning to fix today.

    EDIT: Done.

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