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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    @Shay Williams As long as it works! :D

    @mrgreaper I actually made this plugin specifically for the Eternity's End server, simply because we couldn't stand *shudder* vanilla. ;)
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    working great. love the individually disable-able commands. and mail!

    but only thing not working not OBVIOUSLY working is /setspawn. popping that in gives no resposne on cbukkit response is given from console, but spawn does indeed change.

    unfortunately it doesn't save the direction you are facing. seems to default to facing west.
    maybe you could check the code from MyWarp or MyHome. those save exact facing :)
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    Well it's drastically appreciated, were all quick to complain when a plugin doesn't work but we seem to be shy in saying thanks when it does lol ( I reserve the right to subtract thanks if it don't work when I'm awake enough to set it up :p)
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    Thank you so much for this plugin. It works wonderfully.
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    I'm glad you like it. I really do appreciate the support :)

    @highwisdom I am unable to reproduce your problem. Perhaps you have another plugin that is intercepting /setspawn before it makes it to GenReal?

    The pugin has a new name: Essentials!
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    @Zenexer : installed plugins are - bigbrother, borderguard, dynmap, GeneReal, iStick, LWC, MCDocs, MyHome, MyWarp, Noon, TelePlus, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

    I don't think any of those use the /setspawn command.

    The other possibility is the server wrapper that I'm using (MyMCAdmin) might use it..

    Will try disabling setspawn in GeneReal and seeing it it returns to normal via wrapper use.

    EDIT: disabled GeneReal, restarted server, tried /setspawn and /spawn. Neither functioned.
    restarted server with GeneReal enabled. /spawn functions, but now /setspawn doesn't. Odd.

    Another bug: mail doesn't get deleted on using the '/mail clear' command. On login i still get 'you have mail' messages despite having cleared it before logging off.

    EDIT2: cleared mail only comes back after a server reboot. mail stays cleared out if you just log in/out.
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    Does MyHome or MyWarp intercept it? Just a thought.

    You could try disabling each plugin temporarily using /plugin disable and /plugin enable
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    I'm interested in getting this plugin solely for the /nick command. Unfortunately the ~ prefixing the nickname is making me have second thoughts. I suggest you add a configuration for that so you could choose what the nickname prefix is or whether or not to have a nickname prefix at all.

    EDIT: I also suggest that mods/ops should be able to use a command such as /realnick that will reveal the true username of a person in order to ban him/her.
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    @Seth.D Update and add the following to your config.yml file:
    nickname-prefix: ''
    That's two single quotes, not one double quote.

    /whois will provide the feature that you suggested.

    Added /realname and /realnick as aliases for /whois.
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    Is there any way you could have "You have no new messages" or "You have # messages!" pop up on login? That...would be awesome! We have a current plugin that does just that, but it's on Hey0 =(
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    /nick works perfectly. Except I'm just irked that it doesn't save when you change your nickname so your nickname is always returned to normal when you re-enter the server. Support for saving nicknames please?
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    Updated to provide feature suggested by @Nate204 .

    Updated to provide nickname persistence, as suggested by @Seth.D .
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    Works extremely well! Thank you so much!

    Now this isn't anything very serious, but I think you should disable the "You have no new mail" message if "disable-mail" is set to "true".
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    Haha, that would make sense, wouldn't it. Updated to fix that.
  17. So that i could get rid of the General plugin completely, any chance you could add /setspawn to place the spawn a different place? thanks :)
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    Excellent! Now I believe that the /nick function is perfect! Thanks for making the first nickname plugin for Bukkit! (Yes I know that there's GloNick but that seems more like an authentication plugin than a nickname plugin)
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    @Seth.D First? Really? Wow, I didn't expect that!

    @Graloth /setspawn is already implemented. You might be one of a few people who seem to have conflicting plugins. Read up a few posts if you are having trouble getting it to work, and we'll see if we can sort it out. Edit: Oops, looks like I forgot to add it to the list of commands. Fixed.
  20. Thanks, wasn't at my server machine so couldn't check, just assumed it wasn't since it wasn't on the list :D thanks once more
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    Added /heal
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    how to set kit Time ?
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    @NOTNOT I have not added that feature yet. Would you like me to do so? If so, on a per-kit basis, or for kits in general?
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    so it wasn't implemented? are all these updated versions being uploaded realtime?
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    @highwisdom It was implemented, just undocumented, at least on these forums (it was in /help). Yes, they are being uploaded as I make each post.

    I am off to bed for now. I will answer all requests tomorrow morning.
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    These commands are great, but... How are we able to bind these commands to certain users/groups? From a moderators point of view, everyone having this much power is not a good thing.

    Is there some kind of users/groups that I do not see?

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    No, but you can use the GroupsUsers plugin (v1.4.0) to handle that issue for you.
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    EDIT: Woot!, i got it working for thoose who dont know the format in the users.yml file is:
            YOUR NAME:
                    - /THE COMMAND
                    - /give
                    - /ETC...
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    I would like to see a help system similar to what tha old hmod had.
    Well.. just need to add support to groupusers or something

    Group User check for permission and the commands available. idk.. something like that
  30. I very much agree with @CmDark . The static list (with the hint, that this list may not even be complete) is not very helpful. It's a start, yes, but it could be more. ;)
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    This plugin is fantastic.
    Only wish that there was a built in users/group config..I want to try and use the UserGroup mod ported from hMod but I know its not going to last long at all seeing development has stopped.

    I had big troubles setting up General and I am using this...much easier for an idiot like me.
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