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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Yes, I'm restarting it every couple of hours. (The most recent bukkit builds)
    I'll delete it quickly
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    can you please note that /help is not working, I would like that in, thanks.
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    The /plugin commands do not seem to work in build 114. Can anyone confirm. Running it crashes my client.

  4. @weirdbeard That is a bug in how plugins are handled in Bukkit. It is beyond my control, I'm afraid.

    @Stephen92 There is no /help. I will consider adding it.
  5. Love how you can selectively disable commands especially if you're using MyHome or TelePlus. Nice release!
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    does this work with groups.txt and users.txt to make sure not everyone can use whatever command?
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    [quote="@Stephen92 There is no /help. I will consider adding it.[/quote]

    I hope you do. I almost always installed a plugin, then jumped on and typed /help. Instantly got to see what I could do that was new. With it removed, I feel somewhat blind~
  8. Only if GroupUsers is running beside it.
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    @Xenexer Since you do not zip your jars... ;) Can you publish the current version number and keep it updated in the subject line of the thread? This way, we can see at a glance what the latest version is instead of having to download the jar, stop the server, upload the jar, run the server, read the console. :)

    I like the convenience of wget too, which is why I ask.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 2:27 AM ---
    I was able to enable/disable plugins in HotSwap without crashing my client. Is this still an issue with the latest Bukkit build? I'd rather just use yours since I am using yours for a bunch of other stuff.

  10. /help has been added.

    @weirdbeard I actually can't edit the subject, oddly enough, or I would've changed the wording long ago. I'll keep the version posted in the first thread, though. You can get the version info by typing "/version GeneReal".

    HotSwap sort of takes a gamble. It's a matter of luck, whether or not it crashes. Different versions of Bukkit are randomly more susceptible than others. I haven't had any issues with the most recent build, so I'd say it's pretty safe.
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    Thank you! Updating now!

    p.s. - Not sure if the update will correct this, but my client crashes everytime I type /who.
    Im rocking out Cbukkit 114
  12. /who is the same as /list. Perhaps you have another plugin that is also intercepting /who, and is doing so before it reaches GeneReal?
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    Double Checking! One Second!
  14. I double-checked, too, and I can't reproduce it with just my plugins.
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    Hmm..... Updated your plugin and a quick server reload seemed to fix it.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 3:16 AM ---
    Do you think the TimeShift plugin would be causing your /time day to not work? Is there anyway you could have them work together?
  16. @Nate204 My understanding is that TimeShift provides near-identical time commands. You would be best off disabling the /time command in GeneReal and using the specialized command in TimeShift.
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    how do you set what user can use what commands?

    and any chance of a version that doesnt use the evil evil evil yml file format...ah txt files where for art thou
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    Giving setspawn, give, and tp to only mods is neccessary!

    Since GroupUsers is no longer being worked-on, I'd only want to use something that had its own rights setup, until a centralized users/groups scheme can be implemented for all of bukkit.
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    Great plugin, but I don't think you should piggyback off of a plugin that you disliked so much you developed some competition. If you want, here are some names:
    1. Plugin Extender
    2. PExtender ("P" stands for "Plugin")
    3. PExtend
    4. Extender
    5. Extend
    6. PEX (Plugin EXtender, I really like this one)
    7. Essentials
    8. Ascend
    9. PASS (Plugin Ascension of Super Supremeness)
    10. Push
    I'm making these up as I go. :)
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    we are thinking of switching to this from general commands but before we do we must know how to set per user control... if all users have all commands this is not a plugin for us lol
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    Shay Williams

    When Teleport is disabled, people can still TP :(.
  22. @Shay Williams Make sure you disable aliases such as /tele, too.

    @mrgreaper Use GroupUsers to set per-user permissions.

    @TheArcher Thanks for the alternative names. I'll see what I can do about switching the name.
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    Shay Williams

    I disabled the entire list of settings, normal, un-op'd players could still use /tp :3.
  24. @Shay Williams Do you have another mod running that perhaps allows such actions? I tested your specific case earlier, though I will try again.
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    Shay Williams

    I tried with nothing but your plugin running, same result.
  26. @Shay Williams I cannot seem to replicate the problem! Perhaps Bukkit just added a /tp command? What build are you using?

    I am releasing a minor update related to a missing line break in the default configuration, though.
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    the Group user plugin says its no longer updated we are trying to move away from it...we dont want to cos its awsome personified but there will be a point i assume soon where it just wont work :(

    but we will update 2morro using it and swaping general for GENRL
  28. @mrgreaper By my understanding, GroupUsers will stop working only once Bukkit natively supports permissions, in which case it will have no purpose. :)
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    im almost falling asleep at the keyboard at mo so i may of misread it.
    im hoping that your right though as we have come from hmod and have our groups and user files perfect (ok not command wise but its just the right pretty colours...sleep deprevation)

    thanks for the quick response and taking the time to make the plugin, it may not be said often enough but without people making these plugs we would all be on *shudder* vanila servers
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    Shay Williams

    Sorry I'm tired, figured it out.
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