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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    im trying very hard not to get too excited but i just noticed this in the config file "disable-npc: false" something your playing around with or working?

    if its working can you set them up so we can use them as shops? its a feature i heard about just before hmod died
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    Checked everything, reloaded everything... still the same troubles! Nothing is conflicting with it :/
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    Great plugin

    Can you add a option either for
    /denytp or /allow, /deny every teleport for regular players
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    @Zenexer - Can confirm that {PLAYER} issue is still present in 69, build 135
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 10:52 PM ---
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    Top Quark

    Also, the same error existed with {ONLINE} too fyi.
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    Hmm, that's really weird. I'll keep looking.

    @walton88 If you deleted users.yml, it's not Essentials. Technically impossible.

    @mrgreaper Just a placeholder. Possible future development. ;)
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    you tease !

    loving the plugin still though :)
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    @ Zenexer

    Still looking for a way to live reload the config file. Thanks.
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    /i 259
    returns unknown item.
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    Anyone have a fix for "Could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to Essentials"? I can't tell if it's affecting anything but I don't like these errors and such.
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    with the newest build i am getting an error when i use /ban

    Error: Index:0, Size:0
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    Even after disabling /eco and /sell, it still shows the "Money" stat when you type in /whois. The whole economy thing is stupid honestly, I'd like to disable all of it.

    When you disable certain commands, and type "/help", it leaves blank spaces on each page. So Help page #1 only has 3 commands, page #2 has only 5 commands etc.
    --- merged: Jan 24, 2011 12:18 AM ---
    When disabling a nickname, it will give you the nickname back when you log in.

    When disabling or enabling a nickname, you lose the color of your name set by the Permissions plugin.

    Even when disabling /mail in the configuration file, it still shows up in /help if you have the permissions.
    --- merged: Jan 24, 2011 12:19 AM ---
    You need to update to the newest CraftBukkit.
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    Is there any reason why the message "Invalid item ID" comes up when I try to spawn stuff like iron doors?
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    @KiloWhiskey Does /plugin reload Essentials work? I haven't tested it, but it seems risky to me. I can add a reload command. The function is there, there's just no command linked to it.

    @godsyn Fixing; thanks for the catch.

    @ddoolin Update Essentials.

    @daenth I think I missed a few items. I'll review that momentarily.

    @azures41 Thanks for the list of subtle bugs. I'll get to work on those. There's no easy way around the nickname color issue.

    @AskCharlie You can't just use /ban--you need to specify who you want to ban.

    @Eris I made a project at If you register there, I will give you commit access.
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    One last thing:

    I don't think changing "default-stack-size" in the config file actually changes it. It's supposed to let items stack up to the specified number, right?
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    @azures41 : no, that is the stack size when typing /i (/give) X (no amount).
    EG: if set to 64:
    /i 1 would give 64 stone
    if set to 1:
    /i 1 would give one stone.
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    - Don't display money on /whois if /eco is disabled
    - Don't update nickname on connect if /nick is disabled
    - Essentials.check() now returns false if the command is completely disabled

    @azures41 It is the number of items given if you don't specify a quantity when using /item or /give.

    - Added flint & steel to the item database
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    /i 62 returns unknown item aswell, it's supposed to be the lit furnace block.
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    Added support for configuration reloading using /essentials
    Added support for lit furnaces
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    Would this be general?

    Death tp.
    A simple command to tp back to your death location. It's from Hmod, so I don't see a source D=

    I miss it so much, and with out it~ the game is too harsh. lol
    Just a suggestion.
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    I'm still having the issue where {PLAYER}, {IP}, and {ONLINE} are set to first user connected, and never updated (making online always 1).
    Essentials: b73
    Bukkit: 71
    CraftBukkit: 135
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    Hello, I'm having a problem with everyone being able to teleport and the /setspawn command is not working

    # Supports "Default" and "GroupUsers"
            system: default
    # Groups can contain inheritance.
    #   To make a group inherit the permissions from another
    #   group simply place the groups name in the "inheritance:"
    #   field seperated by commas.
    #   Example: inheritance: Default,Admins,
    #   All permissions including the asterisks must be placed in single quotes.
    #   like so:
    #       - 'general.spawn'
    #   Otherwise errors will happen!
    #   Globalized Permission settings:
    #       If a permission contains periods (.) you can denote a globalized parameter:
    #           - 'general.*'
    #       This will allow you to use all general commands.
    #   Single Asterisk denotes all commands:
    #       - '*'
            default: true
               - 'general.spawn'
            default: false
               - Default
               - 'general.time'
               - 'general.teleport'
               - ''
               - 'general.player-info'
            default: false
               - Moderator
               - '*'
               - 'general.spawn.set'
               - 'general.teleport'
               - 'general.time'
    # DarkGrave has control over all commands.
    # sk89q can use /spawn & /time
            group: Admins
         group: Admins
    # Do not move, modify, or erase this line.
    version: 43
    #command-prefix: 'g'
    nickname-prefix: '~'
    default-stack-size: 64
      - '&cWelcome, {PLAYER}!'
      - '&fType &c/help&f for a list of commands.'
    disable-tp: false
    disable-tele: false
    disable-tphere: false
    disable-telehere: false
    disable-s: false
    disable-item: false
    disable-i: false
    disable-give: false
    disable-g: false
    disable-list: false
    disable-playerlist: false
    disable-who: false
    disable-online: false
    disable-home: false
    disable-sethome: false
    disable-mail: false
    disable-helpop: false
    disable-clearinventory: false
    disable-getpos: false
    disable-coords: false
    disable-nick: true
    disable-whois: false
    disable-realname: false
    disable-realnick: false
    disable-spawn: false
    disable-setspawn: false
    disable-tree: false
    disable-bigtree: false
    disable-top: false
    disable-time: false
    disable-kit: false
    disable-plugin: false
    disable-help: false
    disable-heal: false
    disable-motd: false
    disable-ban: false
    disable-kick: false
    disable-unban: false
    disable-pardon: false
    disable-banip: false
    disable-unbanip: false
    disable-pardonip: false
    # Restricted commands will only be available to ops.restrict-tp: true
    restrict-tele: true
    restrict-tphere: true
    restrict-telehere: false
    restrict-s: true
    restrict-item: true
    restrict-i: true
    restrict-give: true
    restrict-g: true
    restrict-list: false
    restrict-playerlist: false
    restrict-who: false
    restrict-online: false
    restrict-home: false
    restrict-sethome: false
    restrict-mail: false
    restrict-helpop: false
    restrict-clearinventory: false
    restrict-getpos: false
    restrict-coords: false
    restrict-nick: false
    restrict-whois: false
    restrict-realname: false
    restrict-realnick: false
    restrict-spawn: false
    restrict-setspawn: false
    restrict-tree: true
    restrict-bigtree: true
    restrict-top: true
    restrict-time: true
    restrict-kit: false
    restrict-plugin: true
    restrict-help: false
    restrict-heal: true
    restrict-motd: false
    restrict-ban: false
    restrict-kick: false
    restrict-unban: false
    restrict-pardon: false
    restrict-banip: false
    restrict-unbanip: false
    restrict-pardonip: false
    # Note: All items MUST be followed by a quantity!
    # Times are measured in seconds.
        delay: 10
          - 277 1
          - 278 1
          - 279 1
        - 20 64
        - 20 64
        - 20 64
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    {PLAYER} seems to always be the wrong name...
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    the "cost-COMMAND: ##" does not work...
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    ray landers

    i have not tried every command in this plugin, but every one that i have tried has worked fine.

    and the config seems to be rather robust in that i edited the entry for the kit, and the word processor put a tab in where one should not have been, but the only thing broken was the kit command.
    i read through this batch of messages and found a mention that the config would not like tabs, and even though i was sure i had not put one in, i went looking for one.
    i found it, changed it to spaces, and kit went back to working with the kit tools now giving torches too.

    this plugin works very well for me even though i am using very little of it.

    thank you.
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    There is no node (permissions) for tell/msg in the list.
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    Suggestion - With the /helpop

    lets say you don't want the person in a group listed in the op.txt can we get a permission command that is not really a command but a permission to included in the list of users who will recive the query. I'm probably missing something and its already set out like this if am sorry!

    maybe something like this essentials.fwdquery or essentials.recvticket, ect

    This looks like a problem with "Permissions" and not this plug-in. Should have posted this on "Permissions" thread.

    I noticed in your users you had:
    looks like you forgot the space like so:
    and your groups should be:


               - Default

    I think your confusing this plugin with "General Commands" I noted you had - 'general.*' in there and that is not even listed as a command on this plugins OP.

    I'm not sure if that's your issue but it might help.
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    Done. Username is eris.discord. I couldn't find your project through the search feature there (seems kind of weak) but I'll have a peek and a poke sometime in the next couple of days after you add me, depending on what my social life (ha!) this week looks like.
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    {PLAYER} shows the name of the player who first connects to the server, be that yourself or someone else.
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    Yeah I did that but nothing changed but wouldent it be an essentials question since this is modifying that addon for this addon?
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